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Car Wax and Compounds

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  1. Car Wax Pro (TRADE)

    Code: EC29

    High quality graded multi layered polymer wax polish formulation, designed for a long lasting durable second skin shine. (26/02/21 GF4356) Contains a selection of Zonyl's, fine waxes, carnauba and polymers. Fast and efficient easy on easy off.No Dust Formula.

    Car Wax Pro will stand up against any of our competitors products GUARANTEED.

  2. Used Car Polish

    Code: EC39

    Cream wax polish with a medium cut. Quickly restores flat and faded paintwork in one easy operation. Easy on and off formulation
  3. Medium Compound (TRADE FAVOURITE)

    Code: EC45

    Excellent for restoring dull and oxidized paintwork by professional machine or by hand. Medium cutting compound used to remove 1500-2000 DA flatting marks and surface imperfections. Ammonia and Silicone free.

    Always keep the polishing mop head damp by lightly spraying water onto in when required. When required finish has been achieved you can then apply Car Wax Pro for a final high shine and long lasting protection.

    Directions of Use:

    • Apply 2-5 peas size drops to a damp micro-fibre or foam polishing pad
    • Spread the compound using a low speed and light pressure. 
    • Work the specific area using a crosshatch method 
    • Buff away polish residue repeat from step 1 if required.



  4. Carnauba Gold Wax

    Code: EC55

    Premium quality car polish containing specially selected natural carnauba waxes that create a luxury show finish on all good quality automotive paintwork. Gold is very easy to apply and buff off.
  5. Winter Wax Extreme

    Code: EC56

    Hand polish has been designed for use by hand application only for the very best protection in the winter months. The shine when applied to used cars leaves other hand polishes in the dark. It gives a long-lasting, protective finish that uses only the very best Brazilian waxes.Protects against salt,frost,snow and general winter road grime.
  6. Fine Compound

    Code: EC237

    Specially formulated fine compound , suitable for use with professional polishing machines or by hand. Remove mild abrasion, lite nibs, runs and other surface imperfections. Silicone and ammonia free.

    Apply direct to painted surface with a damp cloth, polishing with a foam mop at approx 1800rpm. Always keep the head damp by lightly spraying water onto in when required. When required finish has been achieved you can then apply Car Wax Pro for a final high shine and long lasting protection. Gloss and Cut values


    Code: EC418

    QFX- Hydrophobic Spray Sealant is a water based Si02 Quick Detailer that protects your vehicle's paintwork for up to 3-4 months from atmospheric fallout, road grime and general contamination by creating an invisible, hydrophobic layer with quick bonding silicones.

    QFX- Hydrophobic Sealant provides a barrier from road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, etc. This easy to use surface sealant gives an enhanced lustre when used in the a full detailing schedule.


    Fast Application


    UV blockers

    DIRECTIONS: Ready to use spray, simply wash and dry your car, paint correction if required. Spray on to micro fiber cloth and buff into car paintwork, remove and buff straight away with clean dry microfibre cloth.


    Before use, ensure that the surface is in top condition. Treat a small section and immediately buff down with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. Buff to a high gloss finish. Use QFX- WASH n GLOSS for extended protection.

  8. Alloy Wheel Wax

    Code: EC437


    Alloy Wheel Wax Protection 200ml Toughseal Alloy Wax is the most advanced cleaner and protector for wheels. Using an advanced polymer technology to chemically bond to the pores of the wheels make-up, it seals and protects leaving a highly polished surface. As the treated surface cures, the P.T.F.E molecules elongate, interlocking with each other, resulting in tough bonded protective coating to the wheel.

    This revolutionary polymer protection system is proven to protect alloy, chrome and highly polished wheels from everyday harmful elements, such as ultra violet rays, oxidation, brake dust and fall-out, road grime, and salt year after year.


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