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External Dressings

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  1. Tyre Gloss Extreme

    Code: EC125

    Durable, high gloss and silicone free tyre gloss.This product will leave a high gloss finish to tyres, rubbers and plastic textured bumpers and diluted on internal plastics.

    Unique to Tyre gloss extreme, it use high tech self levelling gloss enhancers which will ever out areas of uneven surfaces. simple spray on and leave or buff up with a microfibre cloth.


    Can be diluted to required application.

  2. V-Clean V129 TYRE GLOSS

    Code: EC129

    Used in the automotive industry, V129 enhances and adds gloss to the appearance of rubber, vinyl and plastic trim on vehicles.

    Contains highly graded silicone oils to produce a clean, long lasting sheen.

    Can be used on:

    Interiors - Dashboards, interior trim, plastic, vinyl.

    Exteriors - Tyre walls, plastic bumpers.


    • Restores sheen to trim
    • Leaves a new look finish on tyre walls
    • Delicately perfumed



    Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying V129. Apply a thin film evenly over the whole surface using a brush, cloth or spray. Leave to dry. If desired, reapply on areas of higher absorbency. N.B. Do not use on foot controls or steering wheel. Wipe off any excess V129 off tyre treads.

  3. Black Streak Remover

    Code: EC181

    Designed to simply spray on and wipe off those unsightly black marks around windows and trims.

    Can be diluted and used to general clean plastic and rubber

  4. V-Clean AquaSeal Plus

    Code: EC279


    This is a CONCENTRATED formula and can be diluted 5% - 10% for a high grade finished material.

    Aquaseal Plus is a water based, fluoro chemical soil and stain repellent treatment for synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, acrylics with natural cellulosic fibres.

    Aquaseal Plus is CONCENTRATED always dilute with water.

  5. Rag Top Reproofer

    Code: EC409

    Rag Top Re-proofer is the ultimate solution to protect any convertible fabric soft top.

    This revolutionary protectant forms a ToughGuard that repels liquids, dirt, stains, and UV solar rays. Rag Top Re-proofer chemically bonds to the fabric fibre's for long lasting durable protection. Non-toxic formula is safe for any fabric convertible soft top and tonneau cover, and works great on all colour of tops. and helps provide protection from algae and atmospheric fallout

    UV blockers protect against fading and discolouration of your convertible soft top. Advanced stain repellent technology keeps any fabric soft top in like-new condition. The sprayable formula uses hydrophobic technology to repel water and other liquids, protecting the original condition of any fabric convertible top.

    Rag Top Re-proofer works on any fabric soft top and tonneau cover for ultimate versatility. Rag Top Re-proofer extends the life of fabric convertible tops on cars new and old. Simply clean the fabric soft top using Top Re-proofer.

    Once the top is dry, apply a coat of Rag Top Re-proofer to create a durable layer of protection that lasts for months. Protective coating protects against tree sap, road tar, water spots, and other environmental elements.


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