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Tar & Grease Removers

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  1. Tar & Glue Remover

    Code: EC120

    The best product for the job, safe to use on all paints and trim.

    Removes tar and adhesive trim marks.

    NOTE: you dont require much product to do the job....its very strong.


    Simply spray or wipe on and allow 30 secomds to soak in, wipe off and then wash with clean water.

  2. Solvent Degreaser

    Code: EC399

    - Solvent based

    - high penetrating power -

    Dissolves grease, oil, resins and waxes - Rinses away easily with water A fast-acting, solvent-based degreaser that liquefies oils and grease on contact.

    A blend of water-dispersable solvents, which emulsify with water for easy rinsing.

    Rapidly dissolves oil, grease, diesel, tar, bitumen, rubber, wax and asphalt. Ideal to degrease engines and metal parts and to remove wax build-up from wooden floors. Suitable for all engineering and industrial environments.

  3. Citrus Degreaser

    Code: EC444

    Citrus degreaser is a citrus based degreaser that easily removes oils and grease on contact.

    A premium blend of citrus based solvents, which emulsify with water or easy cleaning and rinsing.

    An extremely efficient degreaser for the removal of grease, oils, cutting oils, mineral oils, vegetable fats, animal fats, inks, diesel, tar deposits, rubber, wax and asphalt. Developed for use on all metals, concrete, stone and in engineering and industrial areas.

    • Easily removes all types of grease 
    • Citrus fragrance 
    • Chlorinated chemical FREE 


    Apply using a brush, spray or cloth. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Suitable for dip tank use.


    N.B. Always test the resistance and suitability of the surface to be cleaned before application.


    Code: EC448

    Bug cleaner designed to loosen and gently break down bug splatter, general grime and contaminants from surfaces, helping to reduce the risk of scratching, marring and fine swirl marks during subsequent contact washing. Its highly concentrated pH balanced formula containing natural essential oils and high-performance detergents is safe for use on paintwork, glass, plastic, and is wax and sealant friendly.


    • Pre-wash all-purpose cleaner 
    • Highly concentrated 
    • Ready-to-use Fast acting pH balanced 
    • Gentle but effective formula containing natural essential oils 
    • Wax, sealant and polish friendly 
    • Safe for use on all paint finishes

4 Item(s)

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