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Traffic Film Remover

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    Code: EC74


    Concentrated Professional High Foam. A specially formulated vehicle wash, which cleans without damaging vehicles. A super high foam cleaner containing only natural, eco friendly detergents, for the removal of road film, grease, insects and dirt from cars, vans, buses and all commercial vehicles. Produces a blanket of thick white clinging foam on the vehicle. Totally safe to use on all water washable surfaces - paintwork, glass, alloys, metal, rubber and plastic.

    Snow Foam will not harm or strip premium waxes, polishes or sealants. Produces thick blanket of foam. Specially formulated to give maximum cleaning without damaging vehicles – Totally neutral, no Acids, alkalis or solvents. Super concentrated – Can be diluted up to 50:50 then to 2% at foam generator. FULLY Biodegradable

    Excellent foaming

    Quick foam-break ensures easy rinsing Leaves vehicles gleaming. How To Use:

    For best results pre–wet vehicle surface and apply through a foaming lance. Apply a solution adjusting the flow to give desired foaming and cleaning. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a sponge or brush and rinse off under high pressure.

    After cleaning with Snow Foam, to get the best finish, dry and buff car with a clean cloth.

  2. V-Clean V179 Non caustic TFR

    Code: EC79


    A caustic-free traffic film remover with a pH value of 10.5 that is mild on surfaces, yet removes heavy soiling rapidly.

    This concentrated blend of graded surfactants with class 8 corrosion inhibitors, designed to remove traffic film, oil and grease from vehicles.

    Used throughout the valet industry as a safer, alternative traffic film remover throughout the car valeting industry.

    Caustic free - pH 10.5 when undiluted

    Mild on surfaces

    Low odour - user-friendly


    Check surface compatibility prior to application.

    PRESSURE WASHER: - Adjust the detergent feed according to the level of soiling of the surface to be cleaned. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

    LOW PRESSURE SPRAY - Apply diluted solution and allow 2-5 minutes contact time. Rinse off thoroughly with hot or cold water.

    Pressure Washer Non caustic TFR would normally be diluted with water before use:Vehicle bodywork: 1 part Non caustic TFR - 4 parts water. Chassis cleaning: 1 part Non caustic TFR - 1 part water. Adjust the detergent feed rate as required, but always try and ensure that this is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining the desired cleaning action. Lightly pre-spray the whole vehicle before removing soil and traffic film using even sweeps of the lance at high pressure and at temperatures up to 70C. Turn off the detergent feed and thoroughly rinse the vehicle. CAUTION: Product must always be tested on alkali sensitive surfaces before use. Never use this product in direct sunlight or allow the product to dry out on the surface or staining may result.

  3. Alloy Wheel Cleaner

    Code: EC147

    An effective mild phosphoric acid product for the rapid safe removal of brake dust and road salts from alloy wheels.

    Professional alloy wheel cleaner that have been specifically designed to make cleaning alloys simple and effective. 


    It can be used neat for stubborn staining but can also be diluted up to 1:3 for less stubborn stains

    For optimum performance rinse using a pressure washer or powerful hose.

    Spray on and allow to penetrate. Brush in with and spray off with clean water.

  4. QFX-Citrus Pre Wash

    Code: EC411

    QFX-Citrus Wash is a highly concentrated pre wash.

    Designed specifically to lift dirt, road grime and salts that adhere to the vehicles paintwork. QFX-Citrus can be be used as a pre wash before snow foam or any wash shampoo.


    • Concentrated Formula
    • Multi use purpose
    • Amazing cleaning power


    Dilute wash 1;150 for a moderately soiled car 1:300 for light soiling.

    Approx 4:1 for oil or grease

    Apply to all areas, leave to dwell and pressure rinse away. Do not allow to dry.

    QFX-Citrus pre wash can be applied via a pump sprayer, trigger bottle or snow foam lance.


    TEST FOR SURFACE SENSITIVITY FIRST and NEVER ALLOW TO DRY, Do not use on aluminium, Zinc or other alkali-sensitive surfaces

  5. Citrus Degreaser

    Code: EC444

    Citrus degreaser is a citrus based degreaser that easily removes oils and grease on contact.

    A premium blend of citrus based solvents, which emulsify with water or easy cleaning and rinsing.

    An extremely efficient degreaser for the removal of grease, oils, cutting oils, mineral oils, vegetable fats, animal fats, inks, diesel, tar deposits, rubber, wax and asphalt. Developed for use on all metals, concrete, stone and in engineering and industrial areas.

    • Easily removes all types of grease 
    • Citrus fragrance 
    • Chlorinated chemical FREE 


    Apply using a brush, spray or cloth. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Suitable for dip tank use.


    N.B. Always test the resistance and suitability of the surface to be cleaned before application.

  6. V-clean TFR + Polish

    Code: EC72


    A powerful effective pressure washer additive that will remove traffic film and leave a protective shine coating.

    V172 has a controlled foam level to ensure a free-rinsing finish and effective degreasing cleaning power.

    Suitable to remove traffic film, grease and dirt from all makes of cars, vans, lorries, tankers, curtain-sided and commercial vehicles. V172 is an alkaline cleaner, ideally suited to the regular cleaning of fleet vehicles.

    *Cleans and waxes in one operation

    *Silicone free

    *Concentrated for economy in use


    Dilute with water according to the area to be cleaned. Pre-dilute TFR & POLISH before filling the detergent feed tank. Adjust the detergent feed rate to achieve the cleaning action required. Apply to the surface using pressure washer equipment and then rinse off immediately with plenty of clean water.


    N.B. NOT TO BE USED ON ALUMINIUM. Dilution Rates:


    Heavy Soil 1:20

    Medium Soil 1:50

    Light Soil 1:100

  7. Transport 7000

    Code: EC69

    Developed for both hot and cold pressure wash applications Fast acting, free rinsing Highly concentrated for economy in use. Suitable for use in hard or soft water. Safe for septic and all collection tanks. Can be used on cars, trucks, coaches or anything that requires safe washing techniques.


    Pre-dilute with up to : 1:8 parts water - light soiling 1:4 parts water - heavy soiling 1:2 parts water - chassis cleaning prior to pouring into detergent feed tank. Adjust feed rate as required, typical final dilution 2%. Lightly spray vehicle and allow to soak for up to 5 minutes.

    Rinse thoroughly using high pressure spray. N.B. Do not use on aluminium or galvanised surfaces. Do not allow the product residue to dry out on the vehicle or staining may occur. Always rinse thoroughly after use.

  8. Curtain Sider T.F.R

    Code: EC82

    The ultimate in performance for non-streak curtain tautliner washing and general transport applications. It will cling to surfaces, providing better contact times, improved cleaning and greater economy. Ideal for all vehicle types and curtain sided materials.
  9. Tar & Glue Remover

    Code: EC120

    The best product for the job, safe to use on all paints and trim.

    Removes tar and adhesive trim marks.

    NOTE: you dont require much product to do the job....its very strong.


    Simply spray or wipe on and allow 30 secomds to soak in, wipe off and then wash with clean water.

  10. HD Solvent Degreaser

    Code: EC119

    Coldwash HD is a heavy duty degreaser based on petroleum solvents, emulsifying agents and surfactants. This product is excellent for use on soiled surfaces, bilges and machinery parts. Features Emulsifying agents are biologically degradable Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds effective on mineral oils and petroleum based residues Safe to use on most metal surfaces and painted surfaces Removes oil contamination from machinery, engine parts and bilges

    Powerful degreaser with quick penetration and good emulsifying properties. The emulsifying agents in this product are biological degradable. Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds. Effective on mineral oils and petroleum based residues. Safe to use on most metal surfaces and painted surfaces. Removes oil contamination from machinery, engine parts and bilges. Soak cleaning of machinery parts. Rapid rinsing, leaves clean and oil-free surfaces.


    This product is excellent for use on soiled surfaces, bilges and machinery parts.

    This degreaser must be applied neat with a brush, by hand spray, immersion, soaking etc. The contact, or soaking, time should be between 15 minutes to 2 hours before washing off with hot or cold water. Hot water will improve the result of the cleaning.

    Spot cleaning

    Spray neat Coldwash HD onto surfaces to be cleaned. The contact time should be at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours if time allows. Bulkheads/walls can be washed down by use of high pressure cleaning machines. The best result is achieved with hot water between 60–80°C.

    Spray method

    Spray Coldwash HD neat onto soiled surfaces. The contact time should be between 15–30 minutes, and then wash off with water. To clean stubborn deposits, mechanical agitation such as scrubbing will improve the cleaning.

    Soak method

    Immerse the parts to be cleaned into a bath of neat Coldwash HD for 30 minutes, and then wash off with water.


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