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Glass Cleaner

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  1. QFX-102 Glass Spray Clear

    Code: EC407

    High Performance Sprayable Glass Cleaner

    QFX-102 uses advanced Perma-Tech materials which clean glass fast.

    Effective removal of road film, insect smear and tobacco with ease. Ammonia free Safe on plastic and rubber. Streak Free Formula. Silicone Free. Pleasant fragrance in use Application Instructions Treat one window at a time. Spray on as a fine spray.

    Polish off immediately and buff to a sparkling shine.

    For best results use a Microfibre cloth or use blue paper towel and turn paper frequently as you remove dirt.

    Sizes Available 5L / 25L

  2. V-Clean V161 Spray Glass Clean

    Code: EC61


    A ready-to-use glass and plastic cleaner, which cuts through grease, nicotine and grime to leave a smear free finish.

    Designed from materials that do not use ammonia or abrasives, V161 always ensures effective cleaning without unsightly white marks caused by abrasive chalks.

    V161 effectively cleans windows, double glazing, mirrors, glass, display units, glass shelves, VDU screens, ceramic tiles, stainless steel and aluminium. Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including automotive, marine, aviation and caravans.

    • Streak free and smear free
    • Cuts through grease and grime fast
    • Biodegradable and phosphate free


    Spray neat onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth. Alternatively use a high grade microfibre cloth. Then buff off to a clean, dry finish.

    N.B. Do not spray onto electrical components i.e: Switches, cd players etc.

  3. CF800 Concentrate Glass Cleaner

    Code: EC62

    GLASS CLEANER CONCENTRATE CF800 is a highly effective glass cleaner concentrate with a smear free formula that stops streaking.

    A blend of high purity water soluble solvents and specialist Eurochem designed detergents helps to liquefy dirt on contact, to quickly remove finger marks and grime.

    Ideal for the daily cleaning of glass and mirrors, plastics, laminate and VDUs,

    - Smear free formulation - Leaves glass and plastics sparkling - Economical in use


    Prepare a 600ml trigger spray of CF800 by adding 70ml of CF800 to 530ml of water. Apply to the surface, agitate with lint free cloth or paper and absorb with separate cloth or paper. Ensure surface is left dry for best results.


    Prize code 20-1-1-1

    CF800: WATER

    70ml per 600ml trigger bottle

  4. Glass Polish

    Code: EC60

    A cream polish ideal for removing nicotine, grease and other soiling from all glass and mirrored surfaces, leaving a brilliant clear finish.
  5. Caraglas

    Code: EC168

    Caraglas is a unique Acrylic and Glass Cleaner specially researched and developed for caravans and motorhomes. Caravan and motorhome windows are mainly manufactured from Acrylic (perspex) so general household window cleaners may damage the surface. Can be used on mirrors, shower cubicle, glass to leave a clean smear free finish.

5 Item(s)

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