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Interior Dressings

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  1. P.V.C. Sheen

    Code: EC18

    Durable, semi high gloss treatment and restorer for plastics & trim.

    Simply apply with a cloth and buff off to desired effect

  2. Leather Conditioner Cream

    Code: EC21

    Leather Conditioner cleans, nourishes, conditions, restores, polishes and helps waterproof leather, restoring original softness and extending the leather's life.

    This leather conditioning creame is a unique formula. It is made from a combination of natural waxes and oils including Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Jojoba oil and Avocado oil as well as other key (but secret) natural ingredients. The result is a formula which has really stood the test of time and which since 1988 has been relied upon by millions of people around the world to look after their leather.


    1 Clean hide with Eurochem EC10

    2 Apply Creame to a damp application sponge and gentle rub into hide

  3. V-Clean V122 Cleaner Polish

    Code: EC22


    A ready-to-use cleaner and interior dressing, which cleans and polishes in one application.

    High grade blended emulsion of cleaning agents, graded waxes and silicones in an aqueous solution, V122 leaves a fine finish and freshens the interior cabin area with a sophisticated fragrance. Designed for cleaning and polishing car interior wood, plastics and hard surfaces.

      • Cleans sufaces quickly
      • Leaves a grease free finish
      • Freshens the interior cabin



    Spray V122 lightly onto the surface and polish using a clean cloth. For difficult areas spray onto a cloth and wipe over the surface. N.B. Shake well before use. Not for use on steering wheels, foot pedals or glass.

  4. Satin Sheen

    Code: EC16

    A detergent based sheen for use on all internal plastic and vinyl trims. This pleasantly perfumed product leaves a satin finish. Contains silicones.
  5. Black Streak Remover

    Code: EC181

    Designed to simply spray on and wipe off those unsightly black marks around windows and trims.

    Can be diluted and used to general clean plastic and rubber


5 Item(s)

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