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Bike Waxes

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  1. Bike Wax Pro

    Code: EC294

    Advanced long life Polymer wax polish formulation, designed for a long lasting durable shine.

    Contains a selection of fine waxes and polymers.

    Developed for use on all painted motorcycle surfaces and composite trim.

    Simple to use, NO DUST AND NO SMEAR

  2. Motorcycle Wax Extreme

    Code: EC42

    Designed for use on modern motorcycles and their unique paintwork and chrome trim.

    Designed using Zerilion polymer enhanced formulations that contain a complex blend of nano chains and suspended PTFE.

    Salt and detergent resistant against the elements, guaranteed to last for at least 6 months with heavy riding conditions.

    To maintain why not look at our Waterless Wash Extreme EC59 and also our microfibre polishing cloths.

  3. Fine Compound

    Code: EC237

    Specially formulated fine compound , suitable for use with professional polishing machines or by hand. Remove mild abrasion, lite nibs, runs and other surface imperfections. Silicone and ammonia free.

    Apply direct to painted surface with a damp cloth, polishing with a foam mop at approx 1800rpm. Always keep the head damp by lightly spraying water onto in when required. When required finish has been achieved you can then apply Car Wax Pro for a final high shine and long lasting protection. Gloss and Cut values

  4. Renovating Polish

    Code: EC402

    Superior heavy duty renovating polish for restoring tired and faded paintwork.

    This is a solvent-based abrasive formula, which incorporates waxes and silicone, to remove hazing,

    hairline scratch, ingrained dirt and oxidisation. Can be used by hand or machine application methods

  5. CERAMIC FX - Alloy Armour

    Code: EC404

    CERAMIC FX - Alloy Armour

    CERAMIC FX - Alloy Armour uses our unique Therma-Tech resins and advanced polysiloxane in this formula. Easy to apply solution that coats and seals alloy wheels with a durable heat and grime repellent sealant to help stop brake dust and road salts build up. Wheels treated with Alloy Armour are much easier to clean and maintain.

    • Benefits and Special Features:
    • Simple to use formulation
    • Easy-on formula

    Alloy Armour helps protect from brake dust fallout

    Helps cleaning wheels much easier


    Clean wheels thoroughly before application


    Do not apply to hot wheels


5 Item(s)

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