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  1. Motorcycle Wax Extreme

    Code: EC42

    Designed for use on modern motorcycles and their unique paintwork and chrome trim.

    Designed using Zerilion polymer enhanced formulations that contain a complex blend of nano chains and suspended PTFE.

    Salt and detergent resistant against the elements, guaranteed to last for at least 6 months with heavy riding conditions.

    To maintain why not look at our Waterless Wash Extreme EC59 and also our microfibre polishing cloths.

  2. Banana Wax Shampoo

    Code: EC301

    Eurochem Banana Gloss Wax Shampoo is a luxurious foaming action shampoo which actively helps to maintain protective wax layers on your cars paintwork.

    This luxurious foaming shampoo increases the lubricity of the wash solution which helps reduce the risk of inflicting fine scratches in your paintwork during the washing process. This gentle shampoo will not strip existing wax layers off your paintwork.


    400-1 Concentration dilution. 

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  3. S10 Nano Clean

    Code: EC295

    S10 is a highly researched Nano Tech cleaning agent that makes life easy when cleaning all areas of your bike. Eurochems Nano Tech Bike Cleaner has an effective cleaning medium containing Nano8 Technology that also cares for your bikes delicate surfaces. It contains no harmful acids, CFC's or solvents and is fully biodegradable. It?s completely safe on anodising, paintwork, chrome, carbon fibre, suspension seals, rubber, disc brake pads but MUST be diluted first. It emulsifies dirt, oil and grime quickly and safely leaving your whole bike sparkling clean. S10 will leave an invisible Nano8 protective sub coating which contains anti-corrosion additives to guard against surface corrosion, both during and after cleaning.

  4. Alloy Armour SiO2

    Code: EC404

    Alloy Wheel Protect using our unique Nano Sio2 Armour It formula is the perfect spray on solution that coats and seals alloy wheels with a durable heat and grime repellent sealant to help stop brake dust and road salts build up. Wheels treated with Alloy Armour It are much easier to clean and maintain.

    Benefits and Special Features:

    Simple to use Nano Sio2 formulation

    spray-on formula

    Armour It helps protect from brake dust fallout

    Helps cleaning wheels much easier

    Directions for use Using a clean microfibre cloth, spray coating on to clean dry wheel, thoroughly disperse over wheel then buff off, re apply if required.

  5. QFX101

    Code: EC406

    Multi-purpose cleaner. Effective on hard surfaces, painted surfaces, wheels and plant and manufacturing equipment.

    Use to deep clean areas such as headlinings, plastics, door panels and fabrics. Advanced solvent-free formulation cleans quickly & safely. Highly effective on grease, oil, soot, brake dust and ink. Safe on paintwork, rubber, glass, fabric, plastic & vinyl.


    Apply by spray, mop, sponge or brush. Allow to dwell. Agitate if necessary and rinse with water.


    Degreasing Hot: 1:20 Cold 1:8 General cleaning Hot 1:50 Cold 1:30, wheel cleaning & polymer removal 1:5


5 Item(s)

per page

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