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  1. Wash and Wax

    Code: EC175

    Designed to be used as a regular wash shampoo for caravans, motorhomes and even your car. Contains layered polymers suspended in high grade waxes to help prevent black streaking. Can be used diluted by hand or via pressure washer. Ph balanced for safe use.
  2. Snow Foam Extreme

    Code: EC177

    High foaming exterior shampoo that removes the more ground in dirt and grime.

    Used via a foaming wash lance to cover you rcar, caravan or vehicle with a thick coating of snow like foam.


    Can be diluted 50/50 with water then used at 3% via foam lance (guidance only)

  3. Banana Wax Shampoo

    Code: EC301

    Eurochem Banana Gloss Wax Shampoo is a luxurious foaming action shampoo which actively helps to maintain protective wax layers on your cars paintwork.

    This luxurious foaming shampoo increases the lubricity of the wash solution which helps reduce the risk of inflicting fine scratches in your paintwork during the washing process. This gentle shampoo will not strip existing wax layers off your paintwork.


    400-1 Concentration dilution. 

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  4. V-Clean Cationic Car Shampoo

    Code: EC378

    Modern advanced car shampoo formulation. Deposits cationic film to protect paint and repel water. Promotes fast streak free drying. Affords “just polished” water beading properties to forecourt cars. Dries faster than a regular car shampoo enabling car to be quickly polished.

    Method 1 : Dilute two tablespoons of Wash 'n' Wax with 10 litres of warm water into a bucket (1 part Wash ‘n’ Wax to 300 parts hand hot water.) Apply the solution generously with a sponge or cloth.

    Method 2: Pour some Wash ‘n’ Wax concentrate directly onto a wet sponge and apply neat to the vehicle. Rinse vehicle with clean water and allow to dry. Product is best applied out of direct sunlight.

  5. Solvent Degreaser

    Code: EC399

    - Solvent based

    - high penetrating power -

    Dissolves grease, oil, resins and waxes - Rinses away easily with water A fast-acting, solvent-based degreaser that liquefies oils and grease on contact.

    A blend of water-dispersable solvents, which emulsify with water for easy rinsing.

    Rapidly dissolves oil, grease, diesel, tar, bitumen, rubber, wax and asphalt. Ideal to degrease engines and metal parts and to remove wax build-up from wooden floors. Suitable for all engineering and industrial environments.

  6. Concentrated Citrus Degreaser

    Code: EC403

    A fast-acting, citrus-based degreaser that liquefies oils and grease on contact, to leave an orange-smelling environment.

    A blend of water-dispersable citrus-based solvents, which emulsify with water for easy rinsing. A highly effective degreaser for the removal of vegetable oils, vegetable fats, animal fats, grease, oils, cutting oils, mineral oils, bunker C oil, inks, diesel, tar, bitumen, rubber, wax and asphalt.

    Recommended for use in industry, engineering, animal by-product, processes, drains, sewerage treatments, and as a highly effective cleaner for grease traps.

  7. Alloy Armour SiO2

    Code: EC404

    Alloy Wheel Protect using our unique Nano Sio2 Armour It formula is the perfect spray on solution that coats and seals alloy wheels with a durable heat and grime repellent sealant to help stop brake dust and road salts build up. Wheels treated with Alloy Armour It are much easier to clean and maintain.

    Benefits and Special Features:

    Simple to use Nano Sio2 formulation

    spray-on formula

    Armour It helps protect from brake dust fallout

    Helps cleaning wheels much easier

    Directions for use Using a clean microfibre cloth, spray coating on to clean dry wheel, thoroughly disperse over wheel then buff off, re apply if required.

  8. QFX-102 Glass Spray Clear

    Code: EC407

    High Performance Sprayable Glass Cleaner

    QFX-102 uses advanced Perma-Tech materials which clean glass fast.

    Effective removal of road film, insect smear and tobacco with ease. Ammonia free Safe on plastic and rubber. Streak Free Formula. Silicone Free. Pleasant fragrance in use Application Instructions Treat one window at a time. Spray on as a fine spray.

    Polish off immediately and buff to a sparkling shine.

    For best results use a Microfibre cloth or use blue paper towel and turn paper frequently as you remove dirt.

    Sizes Available 5L / 25L


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