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Carpet/Hard Flooring

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  1. Bright Extra Fabric Clean

    Code: EC159

    Luxury upholstery and fabric shampoo, containing fabric brighteners and conditioners to restore appearance and leave a fresh smell.
  2. Natural Carpet Pre spray (N.C.P)

    Code: EC285

    SAFE maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.

    Biodegradable formulation, VOC compliant and phosphate free.

    Balanced pH safe for all types of carpet, including wool and stain resistant nylon.

    Microtech 6 layer encapsulation technology leaves no sticky residues to attract soiling.

  3. Foam Carpet Shampoo

    Code: EC281

    Our Foam Shampoo is a gentle and fully biodegradable blend of neutral high foam cleaning agents for use in all carpet rotary and dry foam shampoo cleaning machines.


    Foam Carpet Shampoo can be applied by brush or sponge to carpets, rugs and wet cleanable upholstery.


  4. Solvent Based Fabric Protector (SFP)

    Code: EC280

    SFP is a solvent based fluorochemical upholstery fabric protector and stain release agent designed to repell oil, water, soil and stain resistance to water sensitive fine upholstery fabrics and upholstery.

  5. Microbac 7

    Code: EC277

    Highy advanced antimicrobial cleaning concentrate for carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. Active Bactericide, fungicide, algicide, viricide, Bacteria including - E coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella.

    Solutions should always be freshly prepared.

    Always wear protective gloves, overalls, mask and eye protection.


  6. Carpet Sanitiser Pro

    Code: EC276

    A concentrated biocidal sanitiser and deodoriser for use on carpets and fabrics. Carpet Sanitiser Pro effectively neutralises at source all bacteria and odours caused by floods, moulds, mildew, fungi, food and other organic matter on carpets and fabrics.

    For best results, solutions should always be freshly prepared. Always pretest carpet or fabric for colour fastness and texture change before proceeding.

    Mix 50ml of Carpet Sanitiser Pro concentrate per litre of warm water (1:20).

    Apply by spray applicator directly to carpet or fabric surface, then leave for 5 to 15 minutes.

    Re apply Carpet Sanitiser Pro on heavily soiled areas and leave carpet or fabric to dry.

    Do not mix Carpet Sanitiser Pro with other cleaning solutions.

  7. Traffic Clean Pro

    Code: EC275

    Traffic Clean Pro is a highly concentrated formulation developed for pre spraying and spot cleaning of heavily soiled areas of carpet prior to extraction cleaning.
  8. V-Clean AquaSeal Plus

    Code: EC279


    Aquaseal plus is a water based, fluoro chemical soil and stain repellent treatment for synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, acrylics with natural cellulosic fibres.

    Aquaseal Plus is ready to use, no need to dilute with water.

  9. Natural Carpet Cleaner (N.C.C)

    Code: EC284

    SAFE for wool carpets and rugs.

    VOC compliant product, phosphate free and biodegradable.

    Balanced pH and safe for all types of carpet, including wool and stain resistant nylon.

    Multi layer fibre encapsulation technology leaves no sticky residues to attract soil and traffic grime.

  10. Natural Carpet Pre Spotter (N.C.S)

    Code: EC286

    N.C.S is a high tech neutral pH spotter cleaner for removing a wide variety of spots and stains from carpet. N.C.S make use of high tech polymer micro encapsulation formulation to help prevent sticky residues.

    Fully biodegradable, phosphate free and with low VOC content. Safe on wool mixes and ideal for maintenance of wool carpets and rugs. Naturally clear liquid with natural lemongrass and herbal fragrance.


    Do not dilute, Ready to Use product


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