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Hard Floor Care

Hard Floor Care

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  1. V-Clean V162 Pine disinfectant

    Code: EC162

    Industrial strength pine disinfectant, effective against most common organisms.Contains a synergistic blend of biocides and has a Q.A.P. of 50.

    Can be used on all surfaces including schools, coaches and wash rooms. Used within the coach and bus industry for mopping floor walkways.

    Dilutions: Disinfecting 1:50

    Surface wiping 1:30

  2. Pine Disinfectant 2000 (Trade Product)

    Code: EC165

    A concentrated blend of GAC biocides and natural pine oils designed to clean, freshen and disinfect drains, sinks and waste bins.
  3. Multi surface cleaner

    Code: EC169

    Multi surface cleaner is recommended for use on all vanity units, sinks and shower trays and toilets also great on metals, plastics, rubber, glass, paints and fabrics. MSC helps to control and reduce bacteria while it cleans away the most stubborn stains. MSC deodorises and provides a barrier against the build up of bacteria.
  4. Microbac 7

    Code: EC277

    Highy advanced antimicrobial cleaning concentrate for carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. Active Bactericide, fungicide, algicide, viricide, Bacteria including - E coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella.

    Solutions should always be freshly prepared.

    Always wear protective gloves, overalls, mask and eye protection.


  5. Quik Clean M.S.C

    Code: EC293

    Quik Clean Multi Surface Cleaner

    A safe multi surface cleaner, which cleans, freshens and enhances all hard surfaces without leaving a residue.

    A blue liquid with a fresh fragrance and a controlled foam level for easy application, Quik Clean M.S.C is ideal for the daily cleaning of general interior surfaces such as desks, chairs, windows, doors, etc.- Controlled foam for fast application

    - Enhances the appearance of surfaces

    - Cleans effectively, leaving a lasting, fresh fragrance


    600ml Trigger = 30ml of M.S.C

    5lt bucket = 4 x 30ml of M.S.C

    Apply diluted solution using a cloth or trigger spray, work into surface and then rinse or wipe clean.

  6. Deck Polish (Zonyl)

    Code: EC302

    Premium Marine Polish The ultimate protection for fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces.

    It has UV and corrosion inhibitors to help stop fading and oxidation and will last up to 6 times longer than other marine waxes.

    Simple and easy to use - just wipe on, let dry & wipe off - and it will leave a super smooth, protective coating which will help to reduce drag and repel salt, dirt, grime, oil and stains as well as giving a deep shine to your boat.

  7. Non Skid Deck Cleaner

    Code: EC303

    Non skid Deck Cleaner A specially formulated deck cleaner for non slip decks.

    Designed to remove grime that gets into the hard to reach grooves.

    100% BioDegradable

  8. CF600 Floor Maintainer

    Code: EC306

    A neutral cleaner for the cleaning and maintenance of floors, designed for use through any dosing systems. CF600 produces a fresh, spicy fragrance and builds gloss if used daily.

    Suitable for use on all polished and some non-polished floors, CF600 is effective against dirt, grime and rubber scuff marks. Use on marble, terrazzo, vinyl, thermoplastics, rubber and sealed wood.

    Cleans and repairs polish films 

    Versatile -suitable for spray cleaning or damp mopping - Neutral - can be used on most floor types


    Prepare a trigger spray or bucket of CF600 solution through the Ultra Blend 4 or the Ultra Dose system.

    Can be used for spray cleaning, maintaining or damp mopping.

    For optimum results, machine burnish with a suitable burnishing pad.


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