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Domestic Floorcare

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  1. No Rinse Stripper (NRS)

    Code: EC196

    No Rinse Stripper NRS is a clear, water-based stripper to remove metallised and nonmetallised floor polishes.

    Highly researched graded technology uses a caustic-free formula taht reduces the risk of ongoing floor polish problems and uses advanced rinse-free materials formulated to reduce preparation time.

    Used to remove metallised and non-metallised floor polishes from PVC, thermoplastic, rubber, marble and terrazzo, PVC, Rubber, Marble.

    Non-rinse formulation - reduces labour cost and time

    Easily removes heavy build-up of polish

    Suitable for mop or machine application


    Test for surface compatibility before use. Always brush floor to remove debris before application. Always dilute NRS with water according the required usage and apply to the floor with a mop or trigger spray. Allow approx 10 minutes contact time, then agitate using a scrubbing pad and mop or extract as much slurry from the floor as possible.

    N.B. May alter the colour of wood or linoleum floors. Some varnishes may be softened or removed. Always test surface compatability prior to application.


    Normal Use 1:5

    Heavy Build- Up 1:3

    Machine Strip 1:5

    Spray Strip 1:5

  2. Microbac 7

    Code: EC277

    Highy advanced antimicrobial cleaning concentrate for carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. Active Bactericide, fungicide, algicide, viricide, Bacteria including - E coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella.

    Solutions should always be freshly prepared.

    Always wear protective gloves, overalls, mask and eye protection.


  3. Black Streak Remover

    Code: EC181

    Designed to simply spray on and wipe off those unsightly black marks around windows and trims.

    Can be diluted and used to general clean plastic and rubber

  4. Multi surface cleaner

    Code: EC169

    Multi surface cleaner is recommended for use on all vanity units, sinks and shower trays and toilets also great on metals, plastics, rubber, glass, paints and fabrics. MSC helps to control and reduce bacteria while it cleans away the most stubborn stains. MSC deodorises and provides a barrier against the build up of bacteria.
  5. Pine Disinfectant 2000 (Trade Product)

    Code: EC165

    A concentrated blend of GAC biocides and natural pine oils designed to clean, freshen and disinfect drains, sinks and waste bins.
  6. V-Clean V162 Pine disinfectant

    Code: EC162

    Industrial strength pine disinfectant, effective against most common organisms.Contains a synergistic blend of biocides and has a Q.A.P. of 50.

    Can be used on all surfaces including schools, coaches and wash rooms. Used within the coach and bus industry for mopping floor walkways.

    Dilutions: Disinfecting 1:50

    Surface wiping 1:30

  7. Floor Polish Stripper XL (FPS)

    Code: EC195

    This alkaline-based floor stripper will remove even aged on polish film. Formulated to give a low odour,floor stripper, free from harsh solvents and ammonia that produces a clean base for a new application of polish to be applied to.

    Works well on both metallised and non-metallised floor polishes. Perfect to strip emulsion polish from linoleum, thermoplastic floors, PVC/Vinyl, rubber, sealed wood, Laminate and terrazzo.

    Fast action - quickly penetrates polish films

    Pleasant floral fragrance

    Biodegradable and phosphate free


    FPS should be diluted at 1 part to 10 parts of cold or warm water, then applied to the floor and given up to 15 minutes to soak on. After this soak on period, scrub the floor thoroughly with a scrubbing machine fixed with a nylon scrubbing pad or alternatively a stiff brush will suffice. This solution should then be removed from the floor by either mopping or by using a suction drier.

    Before any polish can be re-applied the area should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry. FPS can be used undiluted by hand for removal of polish build-up in difficult areas, ie. around the edges of rooms. Apply FPS sparingly over a small area at a time, scrub the surface until the polish is loosened then rinse with plenty of clean water. A second application may be necessary for heavy build-up.


    Rapid Action 1:10

    Normal Action 1:20

  8. Vibrant Xtra (25% solids)

    Code: EC192

    Advanced acrylic polymer-based metallised floor polish, which dries to a fantastic wet look finish.

    Vibrant Xtra offers gloss, ultimate durability, and the perfect base to clean, protect and prolong the life of a floor.

    Suitable for use on non-porous floors, sealed cork, marble and terrazzo. also including; vinyl, rubber, linoleum, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood. Used within for schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops, shopping centers, bars,and pubs.


    Code: EC194

    A high quality acrylic polymer-based metallised floor polish, which dries to a high level deep gloss, excellent slip resistance qualities

    Vibrant protects and helps to prolong the life of flooring materials. Vibrant contains super high solids polish that produces a low maintenance, durable finish.

    Can be used on non-porous floors, including; vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, rubber, asphalt, sealed wood, marble and terrazzo.

    Sold to a varied sector of industries including hospitals and wards, schools, offices, shops, airports, village halls, etc.

    High grade quality shine for improved appearance

    Thermoplastic polymer protects the floor

    Builds good slip-resistance - no health and safety concerns


    PREPARATION: To obtain best results, it is important that thorough preparation of the floor is undertaken. The floor must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, grease and old polish films by using a quality polish remover. The floor must be well rinsed with water and allowed to dry before applying Vibrant. APPLICATION: Apply a thin film of Vibrant (undiluted) using a mop or polish applicator. Drying time is normally around 30 minutes. Apply a second coat and allow to dry. Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the floor covering. On average, 5 litres of Vibrant will cover approximately 250/300 square metres of floor.

    Suitabe for use on the following

    Linoleum, PVC, Vinyl, Rubber, Laminate, Sealed wood, Marble

  10. Polytech 7 Floor maintainer

    Code: EC198

    Polytech 7 is an advanced floor maintainer that re-coats and repairs floors to leave a flexible, slip resistant finish. Keeps floors at the peak of their appearance and restores those that are losing their shine.

    Polytech 7 is a fragrant, low viscosity, opaque, pinky-coloured liquid that can either be applied by mop and left to dry or used through spray cleaning equipment.

    Suitable for use on marble, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, tiles, stone, sealed wood and sealed cork.

    Great gloss finish

    Repairs scratched, marked and worn areas

    Fantastic cleaning results


    Shake before use and dilute according to the job. Always brush floor to remove loose debris prior to application.DAMP MOPPING - Apply Polytech 7 solution using a mop, agitate and remove any excess liquid .Allow the floor to dry. Machine burnish for a high gloss.





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