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Spray Extraction Liquids

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  1. V-Clean Carpet XL

    Code: EC267

    A highly advanced concentrated low foam emulsifier formula for use in carpet soil extraction machines. V-Clean Carpet XL is completly phosphate free and contains special microtech corrosion inhibitors to help protect machinery including all makes of truck mount chemical metering systems.


    Portable machines: Dilute 15ml of V-Clean Carpet XL per 5 litres of hot water (1 to 333).

    Always pretest carpet for colour fastness with diluted solution before proceeding.

  2. V-Clean Carpet & Upholstery cleaner

    Code: EC2

    Spray extraction or by hand use

    Low foaming  carpet and upholstery cleaner.

    Rapid action that removes grease, oil and nicotine

    Fabric brighteners restores colour.

    Pleasant fragrance, freshens vehicle interiors

    Machine or hand use.

    A heavy duty, bio-enzymatic foam cleaner for cleaning revitalising vehicle interiors. Can be used on all fabric, upholstery and synthetic automotive surfaces. Bio-enzymatic cleaners contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with enzymes and microbial nutrients that essentially digest chemical and organic waste (soils).

    • Rapidly removes grease, oil and nicotine
    • Fabric brighteners restore colour
    • Pleasant fragrance freshens vehicle interiors


    Thoroughly vacuum the fabric before application. Dilute V102 with hot or cold water according to the area to be cleaned. Apply using a cloth, trigger spray or spray extraction machine. Extract as much liquid as possible and rinse if required. Immediately rinse away any over spray with clean water.

    N.B. Do not use an alkali sensitive surfaces. Test fabric compatibility prior to use.

  3. Urine Away 7 (UA7)

    Code: EC236

    UA7 highly sophisticated formulated detergent deodouriser for the treatment of urine deposits in carpets and fabrics.
  4. Fabric Detergent & Rinse (FDR)

    Code: EC210

    A mild acidic detergent cleaner and rinse agent which can be applied by pressure sprayer or extraction machine, designed to help prevent most colour bleed and cellulosic browning on fine carpets and fabrics.


    wool carpets, oriental rugs, cotton and natural upholstery fabrics and synthetic fibers.

  5. Carpet Extraction Cleaner

    Code: EC189

    A powerful yet economical low foam detergent concentrate for use in carpet soil extraction machines.
  6. Professional Extraction Fluid (P.E.F)

    Code: EC190

    P.E.F is a professional low foam detergent concentrate, specially formulated for use in hot water carpet soil extraction machines.

    Suitable for use on most types of carpets.

  7. Super Concentrate Carpet & Fabric

    Code: EC266

    SCC is a super concentrated polymer based formulation that can be used with all spray extraction machines.

    Ideal on commercial carpets, automotive carpet and upholstery and institutional applications.


    Spray Extraction: 1 part SCC to 300-400 parts water in machine reservoir.

    Pre-spraying: 1 part - 100 parts water and apply a fine spray, allow a few minutes to activate and work before removal.

    Traffic Lane Heavy Soiling: 1 part SCC - 80 parts waters and use a rotary brush system for best results.

    Truck Mounts: Add 250ml SCC per 20ltrsof water in concentration tank.


7 Item(s)

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