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  1. CF500 Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate

    Code: EC246

    CF500 Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate

    Developed for use through a Dosing systems, CF500 dilutes to create a ready-to-use cleaning solution for a vast array of modern surfaces types. When diluted, CF500 creates a highly effective, fragranced cleaning solution.

    Perfect for the effictive cleaning of anti-slip floors, doors, tables, lockers, partitions, laminates, sunbeds, equipment and all water washable surfaces, including; terrazzo, marble, wood, stone, ceramic and stainless steel.


    Prepare a trigger spray or bucket of CF500 solution through the dosing system you have installed. Apply to the surface, allow a few minutes to activate, then rinse or wipe away thoroughly.

    CF500: WATER

    30ml per 600ml trigger bottle


    50ml per 5 litre bucket

    Designed for use in conjunction with all dosing systems.

  2. CF600 Floor Maintainer

    Code: EC306

    A neutral cleaner for the cleaning and maintenance of floors, designed for use through any dosing systems. CF600 produces a fresh, spicy fragrance and builds gloss if used daily.

    Suitable for use on all polished and some non-polished floors, CF600 is effective against dirt, grime and rubber scuff marks. Use on marble, terrazzo, vinyl, thermoplastics, rubber and sealed wood.

    Cleans and repairs polish films 

    Versatile -suitable for spray cleaning or damp mopping - Neutral - can be used on most floor types


    Prepare a trigger spray or bucket of CF600 solution through the Ultra Blend 4 or the Ultra Dose system.

    Can be used for spray cleaning, maintaining or damp mopping.

    For optimum results, machine burnish with a suitable burnishing pad.


    Code: EC283

    CF200 is a highly concentrated sanitiser. For use on all hard surfaces to maintain clean and hygienic conditions.

    Used within the leisure industry, care homes and many more sectors.

    CF200 is neutral, odourless and taint free, and kills 99.999% of bacteria (passes BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:200).

    Safe for use on stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, zinc, plastic, glass, stone, PVC and wood.

  4. CF100 Degreaser Concentrate

    Code: EC278

    CF100 is a very powerful concentrated degreaser, designed for use within the food industry.

    Water soluble liquid, combining alkalis, high tech detergents and effective water soluble solvents.

    Ideal to rapidly remove grease, oils and fats from safety flooring, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, plastic and laminated flooring.

    - Food safe

    - Removes grease, oil and hardened grime

    - Economical in use


    For general use dilute 25ml of CF100 into a 750ml sprayer.

    Please note that 5lts will make 150lts of ready to use product.

  5. Limescale Flush (Trade Product)

    Code: EC171

    LimescaleFlush will remove and sterlise limescale build up caravan and motorhome water systems.
  6. Drain flush plus (Trade Product)

    Code: EC170

    This advanced micro emulsifier drain cleaner has been designed to stop the problem of unpleasant odours from waste pipes and sink plug holes etc. Waste systems in caravans are usually made from flexible or plastic pipes that can trap dirt and allow germs to multiply. Drain Flush Plus cleans and disinfects your all piping within your caravan, leaving a clean piping system. Drain Flush is 100% Biodegradable and can be safely disposed of.

    Product made to order, please contact us for pricing. Minimum orders apply.

  7. CF300 Toilet and Washroom Cleaner

    Code: EC234

    High Concentrated formula for extra cost saving per dose.

    CF300 is a concentrated toilet and washroom cleaner, designed in an ultra concentrated formulation.

    For daily washroom maintenance or toilet and urinal descaling. Apple fragrance and an effective bactericide, CF300 is a specialist concentrate designed to cope throughout the washroom environment.

    Ideal for porcelain, glass, stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic tiles, chrome, gloss paint, PVC and copper, CF300 will combat bacteria, water scale, daily dirt and grime.


    CF300: WATER 20ml per 600ml trigger bottle


    60ml per 5 litre bucket

  8. CF800 Concentrate Glass Cleaner

    Code: EC62

    GLASS CLEANER CONCENTRATE CF800 is a highly effective glass cleaner concentrate with a smear free formula that stops streaking.

    A blend of high purity water soluble solvents and specialist Eurochem designed detergents helps to liquefy dirt on contact, to quickly remove finger marks and grime.

    Ideal for the daily cleaning of glass and mirrors, plastics, laminate and VDUs,

    - Smear free formulation - Leaves glass and plastics sparkling - Economical in use


    Prepare a 600ml trigger spray of CF800 by adding 70ml of CF800 to 530ml of water. Apply to the surface, agitate with lint free cloth or paper and absorb with separate cloth or paper. Ensure surface is left dry for best results.


    Prize code 20-1-1-1

    CF800: WATER

    70ml per 600ml trigger bottle

  9. CF700 Air Freshner (Concentrated Formula)

    Code: EC247

    CF700 is a highly concentrated air freshner conditioner.

    A powerful acceptable fragrance that can be used in many areas. Designed using unique oriental spice perfume in a slow measure release water soluble carrier for long lasting results.

    Used diluted through trigger sprays, CF700 enhances the environment in any establishment when sprayed onto entrance matting or into the corners of rooms or on radiator covers etc.

    Ideal for regular use in hotels, conference centres, schools and public buildings.

    - Freshens and conditions the atmosphere

    - Long lasting pleasant fragrance

    - Cost pennies per trigger


    CF700: WATER 15ml per 600ml trigger bottle


    Code: EC307

    CF400 is a super-concentrated washing-up detergent, which is fragrance-free and contains an advanced blend of cleaning agents.

    A thick, green liquid with a high foam level, CF400 is designed to be used through the any dosing system for washing up by hand.

    Suitable for use on all crockery, cutlery, glassware and utensils.

    Dispense 10ml of CF400 (QFX414-241018) into a 5 litre sink of warm water. Add items to be washed and allow a few minutes to soak. Clean items using a sponge, brush or pad.


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