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Dish & Glasswashing

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  1. V-Clean V160 Lemon Washing Up liquid

    Code: EC160

    A detergent concentrate with extra cleaning power that produces a long-lasting foam to combat greasy dishwashing problems.

    The advanced blend of cleaning agents and lemon oils ensures mildness and freshness in use, leaving glassware and crockery sparkling and grease free.

    Designed for cleaning glassware, cutlery, crockery, utensils and worktops, V160 is ideal for use on aluminium, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic, ceramic, wood and enamel.


    Dishwashing 1:750 1:1000 General cleaning 1:300

  2. CF100 Degreaser Concentrate

    Code: EC278

    CF100 is a very powerful concentrated degreaser, designed for use within the food industry.

    Water soluble liquid, combining alkalis, high tech detergents and effective water soluble solvents.

    Ideal to rapidly remove grease, oils and fats from safety flooring, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, plastic and laminated flooring.

    - Food safe

    - Removes grease, oil and hardened grime

    - Economical in use


    For general use dilute 25ml of CF100 into a 750ml sprayer.

    Please note that 5lts will make 150lts of ready to use product.


    Code: EC307

    CF400 is a super-concentrated washing-up detergent, which is fragrance-free and contains an advanced blend of cleaning agents.

    A thick, green liquid with a high foam level, CF400 is designed to be used through the any dosing system for washing up by hand.

    Suitable for use on all crockery, cutlery, glassware and utensils.

    Dispense 10ml of CF400 into a 5 litre sink of warm water. Add items to be washed and allow a few minutes to soak. Clean items (Promo code 11/06/20-Euro6)using a sponge, brush or pad.


3 Item(s)

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