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  1. Laundry Detergent

    Code: EC226

    Areas of use - laundry washing machines.

    This liquid Laundry Detergent can be use in automatic washing machines to achieve fantastic cleaning for all your clothing and linen requirements.

    Highly concentrated liquid formula for hard and soft water areas, which incorporates a clean fresh fragrance for lasting freshness.

    Can be used through automatic dosing machines, or hand wash to remove stubborn stains and enhance the appearance of fabrics.



    Use 15ml of Laundry Detergent for each kilogram of fabric (dry weight). For example a washing machine taking 5 kilograms of fabric uses 75ml of detergent.For hard water areas increase the dosage to 19ml per kilogram of fabric weight.

    Use from cold to 95 degrees C . The stain removal properties of LAUNDRY DETERGENT get more efficient with higher wash temperatures.

    N.B. Always check the articles care label and follow washing instructions.<p.

  2. Laundry Destain 77 (LD77)

    Code: EC227

    LD77 is a highly concentrated liquid destaining additive with bactericidal properties for heavily stained fabrics.

    Engineered to penetrate and break down stains, allowing Laundry Detergent to remove the stain from the fabric more effectively during the main washing cycle.

    Add to the sluice wash phase for enhanced cleaning results. For use in conjunction with Laundry Detergent in automatic washing machines.


    IMPORTANT - Never put undiluted LD77 onto fabrics.

    Always pre-dilute or feed through an approved dispensing system equipment. Always wash and rinse fabric after using LAUNDRY DESTAIN (LD77).

    N.B. Do not use with woolen and silk items. Always consult the garment label for compatibility with hypochlorite bleach formulations. Coloured fabrics can fade when used with destaining products. We Recommend Dilutions of


    Heavy soilage 1:150

    Bactericidal 1:800

  3. Starch Extra

    Code: EC229

    A specialist formulation of starch, stabilisers and preservatives designed to give outstanding performance when added to the final rinse cycle.

    For use in automatic washing machines to give fabrics stiffness where required.

    Produces fantastic results on tablecloths, table linen, napkins, chefs whites and other specialist applications.


    Either apply manually or through a suitable dispenser into the final rinse cycle.

    N.B. Do not over apply. Always determine the type of fabric when considering the concentration of starch solution required.


    Code: EC230

    This is a powerful detergent which ensures excellent performance in cleaning bedpans, urine bottles, commode pots and utensils.

    SLUICE WASH EXTREME is ideal for use through integral or wall mounted chemical dosing equipment in all recognised types of industrial and automatic bed pan and sluice washing machines.

    This product is designed for use in mainly care homes and hospitals and is highly effective in both hard and soft water areas.


    Feed through automatic dosage equipment and adjust the concentration to obtain the cleaning results you require at the minimum effective setting.

    SLUICE WASH : Water

    Soft water - 1-2ml : 1 litre

    Hard water - 3ml : 1 litre

    Extreme hard water - 4ml : 1 litre

  5. Fabric Conditioner

    Code: EC228

    Fabric conditioner with an added high grade fibre protectors. Used in automatic washing machines to provide a noticeable comfort and softness to all your fabrics.

    This product, which contains a high active blend of fabric conditioners and pleasant longer lasting fragrance in an aqueous base for ease of use.

    For use in conjunction with Laundry Detergent in automatic washing machines or by hand. The two products work in harmony to enhance the appearance, texture and fragrance of fabric.


    Dispense via a dispensing system into the final rinse cycle. Typical dilution rate is 6-9ml per kilo of dry weight fabric, according to the odour and conditioning effect required on fabric.

    N.B. Do not use on rubber or waterproof bedding.


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