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  1. AA101 Detergent De-Greaser

    Code: EC202

    AA101 is a super performance detergent degreaser, AA101 contains a blend of high tech emulsifiers to break down and remove food oils and fats.

    AA101 is a pH-neutral and is odourless for use in the food industry.

    Ideal for the removal of vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oils and grease from all impermeable surfaces, AA101 is suitable to clean solvent and alkaline sensitive surfaces with ease.

    AA101 is perfect when used on a daily basis for the removal of vegetable oils and animal fats in kitchens, bakeries, food factories, meat processing plants etc.

    Odourless - safe for use in the food industry

    Phosphate-free formula

    pH neutral - safe on all water washable surfaces


    General cleaning - dilute 1 part AA101 with 100 parts of hot or warm water.

    Grease and fat removal - dilute 1 part of AA101 with 20 parts of hot water.

    Oil or diesel removal - use undiluted.

    Apply to the surface using a mop, brush or machine. Agitate and either rinse away.

    AA101 : WATER

    General cleaning 1:100

    Grease removal 1:20

    Oil removal Undiluted

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  2. Ezi Scrub

    Code: EC191

    This product is a heavy duty low foam cleaner, especially designed for use with scrubber drier machines. Ezi Scrub is a water-based and fragrance-free formula for use in all industrial environments.

    Used for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including; concrete floors, industrial painted floors and ceramic tiles to remove carbonised deposits, dried oil, fats, grease, general dirt, blood, protein, rubber and starch.

    Perfect for use in the food industry, factories and warehouses or in engineering and manufacturing environments.

  3. Lemon Hard Suface Cleaner

    Code: EC193

    A highly researched concentrated, cleaner, Lemon HSC boasts makes eask work of the removal of grease and dirt.

    This lemon fragranced liquid for the effective removal of industrial grime and dirt, Lemon HSC

    Recommended to remove grease, oil, grime and nicotine stains from concrete, stainless steel, plastic and all alkaline resistant surfaces.

    Perfect for use in a wide range of industries, bakeries, abattoirs, meat processing, breweries, kitchens, transport, haulage, engineering, garages, valeting, railways, dockyards and service stations.

  4. Sink, Tap and Tile Cleaner

    Code: EC163

    A ready-to-use cleaner and disinfectant with a floral fragrance. Designed for daily use to maintain clean and hygienic conditions.

    Ideal for cleaning bathrooms, mirrors, furniture, doors, walls, sunbeds, sport equipment, bars, tables, fixtures and fittings and all water washable surfaces.

  5. Pine Disinfectant 2000 (Trade Product)

    Code: EC165

    A concentrated blend of GAC biocides and natural pine oils designed to clean, freshen and disinfect drains, sinks and waste bins.
  6. Microbac 7

    Code: EC277

    Highy advanced antimicrobial cleaning concentrate for carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. Active Bactericide, fungicide, algicide, viricide, Bacteria including - E coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella.

    Solutions should always be freshly prepared.

    Always wear protective gloves, overalls, mask and eye protection.


  7. Wheelie Bin Cleaner

    Code: EC408

    Wheelie Bin Cleaner is a fast acting low foaming neutral cleaner and disinfectant with a pleasant violet fragrance.

    WBC is low foaming to enable rinsing easily from surfaces.

    Suitable for use by hand or in a scrubber drier low pressure systems.

    WBC cleans and disinfects all hard surfaces safely.

    Fast acting on tackling bad odour and infection.


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