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Skin Hand Care

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  1. V-Clean V149 Barrier Cream

    Code: EC149

    An advanced formulation Barrier Cream, which gives protection whilst replenishing the skin.

    A thick, pink cream made from a blend of skin emollients and conditioners, Barrier Cream is medicated to help prevent dermatitis.

    Effectively protects skin from cutting fluids, oils, greases, aqueous detergents and cleaning fluids.

    Ideal for use as a multi purpose work cream in paint shops and throughout industry.

  2. Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (SWINE FLU)

    Code: EC150

    Industrial Strength Odorless alcohol based non tainting, bactericidal gel designed for use in hospitals, doctors surgery, food handling applications and can be used where a supply of water isn't present. Simply apply to hands and rub together until dispersed. Help beat swine flu and MRSA by using this product when entering any sterile environment. Product can be made to customer specification.

    This product can be own branded in 300ml pump action bottles or 100ml pocket sized bottles.

    * Best selling, gel based hand disinfectants provide a fast, effective way to sanitise physically clean hands

    * Alcohol based formula kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds

    * Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue

    * Developed for frequent use moisturising ingredients help keep skin supple* Optional short clips allow 60ml bottles to be kept on one?s person for convenient application ASK FOR DETAILS

    * Wall mounting brackets for 1 litre bottles also available

  3. V-Clean V152 HD Beaded Hand Gel

    Code: EC152

    Fast-acting, heavy duty beaded hand cleansing gel formulated to remove heavy oil, grease and dirt. Contains a citrus-oil base for extra strength and mildness, for improved performance leaving hands smelling fresh and feeling supple.


  4. V-Clean V153 Lux Hand Soap

    Code: EC153

    A luxury, pearlised, pink liquid hand soap, V153 is a cosmetic-grade soap designed to cleanse and condition the skin.

    Made from superior quality ingredients to produce a rich, mild foam, V153 boasts a subtle rose fragrance.

    Suitable for use on all skin types, V153 is ideal for use in washrooms, bathrooms and shower areas.

    Recommended for use in auto industry, offices, health clubs, hotels, nursing and residential homes.


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