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From the headlights to the wheels and everything in between – QFX offers high performance products to polish, protect and restore your car’s exterior surfaces. Everyone feels better when they’re driving a clean car. There’s something about the shine of a polished surface or the gleam of a newly washed vehicle that conveys prestige and instils a sense of pride in your most prized possession. The QFX range of exterior/interior car cleaning and detailing products includes everything from car washing products and wheel & tyre care to auto detailing supplies and top car polish products. Now you can keep your car in top shape while increasing its longevity and value – without having to fork out a lot of money for costly valet services.

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  1. QFX-Satin Sheen

    Code: EC16

    A detergent based sheen for use on all internal plastic and vinyl trims. This pleasantly perfumed product leaves a satin finish.

    QFX-Satin Sheen cleans and protects while restoring a natural pleasant look and feel without leaving behind even a hint of oily, greasy, sticky, or shiny residue.

    New Pura-Tek formula means it delivers a durable satin sheen finish to rubber, vinyl, black plastics, dashboard and even leather.

    The all-new formulation delivers an even more durable water resistant protectant that not only leaves surface looking sharp and new it protects against damaging UV rays and is 100 percent dry to the touch. Its formulation has a Lemon Fresh Fragrance that leaves interior and exterior surfaces even smelling great.

    A single easy application of Satin Sheen lasts weeks.

    HELP ZONE: Clean surface first and simply apply with a microfiber cloth


    Code: EC407

    QFX-Clearview is a specifically developed modified Si02 glass cleaner to provide outstanding ease of use with clear smear free results.

    Using a spray and wipe technique you need very little effort, clearview easily removes road grime, sap and salts. Fast flash off formula will leave you with streak free, clearview glass.


    Safe for use on window tints

    Cuts through road grime

    Does not smear or streak

    Safe for all interior and exterior glass


    QFX-Clearview simply spray onto glass, spread evenly, then buff off with a glass cloth or microfiber for a perfect, streak free finish every time.

    HELP ZONE: Don't forget to wind the window down a little to ensure no areas of the glass are missed.


    Code: EC420

    QFX-TYRE GLOSS enhances and adds gloss to the appearance of rubber, vinyl and plastic trim on vehicles.

    Contains highly sophisticated graded silicone oils to produce a clean, long lasting sheen.

    Can be used on:

    Tyre walls




    Leaves a new look finish on tyre walls delicately perfumed.


    Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying. Apply a thin film evenly over the whole surface using a brush, cloth or spray. Leave to dry. If desired, re-apply on areas of higher absorbency. N.B. Do not use on foot controls or steering wheel. Wipe off any excess off tyre treads.


    Do not use outside in windy conditions


    Code: EC421

    QFX -AQUASHEET uses advanced T.S.P polymers within the structure of this shampoo. Advanced UV blockers and high gloss additives.

    Great wash capabilities with amazing aquasheet gloss finish. QFX-AQUASHEET creates a micro layer of protection on your vehicle's surface that helps to protect between washes.


    • Aqua Dry Effect
    • Added surface protection TSP
    • Easy to use


    Dilution ratio of 250:1 Add QFX-AQUASHEET to your wash bucket and agitate into a high foaming solution. Using the QFX Grit bucket method, wash your vehicle and rinse with clean water.




    Code: EC422

    QFX-CARNAUBA WAX is a premium quality creme polish containing specially graded natural organic carnauba waxes that create a luxury finish on all good quality automotive paintwork. Our graded organic carnauba content provides outstanding and long lasting results.


    Easy on Easy off


    Water beading elements


    Wash and dry vehicle before application. Apply several pea sized spots to a high grade applicator pad and apply to a clean vehicle one panel at a time Thin coats will work best using a cross over method, you can apply several layers if required Using a quality microfibre buffing cloth, you can remove once it start to dry.


    Do not allow to fully dry but if you accidentally do simply use a wetted applicator pad with product to wetten the surface and remove before fully dry.

  6. QFX-CERAMIC FX (Ultimate)

    Code: EC423

    Ceramic FX treats your vehicle in a glossy Si02 + Ci02 carbon ceramic outer shell that allows protection and enhances all colors.

    Ceramic FX will make your car shine stronger than it ever has. Permanent water sheeting and the carbon self cleaning effect will keep your car looking great in between washes. The cost of maintaining your vehicle is decreased due to less maintenance being required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny. Ceramic FX withstands repeated car washes without wearing away, truly a long term solution to paint protection.

    Ceramic FX help repel dirt, oil, dust, and road grime to provide incredible ease of care.

    • Also in this range is a Pre paint cleaner developed to remove old waxes and lay down a keying agent.
    • 9H hardness (pencil test)
    • Ceramic FX Ultra wash combined with liquid carbon Si02.

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