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  1. QFX-Satin Sheen

    Code: EC16

    A detergent based sheen for use on all internal plastic and vinyl trims. This pleasantly perfumed product leaves a satin finish.

    QFX-Satin Sheen cleans and protects while restoring a natural pleasant look and feel without leaving behind even a hint of oily, greasy, sticky, or shiny residue.

    New Pura-Tek formula means it delivers a durable satin sheen finish to rubber, vinyl, black plastics, dashboard and even leather.

    The all-new formulation delivers an even more durable water resistant protectant that not only leaves surface looking sharp and new it protects against damaging UV rays and is 100 percent dry to the touch. Its formulation has a Lemon Fresh Fragrance that leaves interior and exterior surfaces even smelling great.

    A single easy application of Satin Sheen lasts weeks.

    HELP ZONE: Clean surface first and simply apply with a microfiber cloth

  2. QFX101-APC

    Code: EC406

    All purpose cleaner. Effective on hard surfaces, painted surfaces, wheels and plant and manufacturing equipment.

    Use to deep clean areas such as headlinings, plastics, door panels and fabrics. Advanced solvent-free formulation cleans quickly & safely. Highly effective on grease, oil, soot, brake dust and ink. Safe on paintwork, rubber, glass, fabric, plastic & vinyl.


    Apply by spray, mop, sponge or brush. Allow to dwell. Agitate if necessary and rinse with water.


    Degreasing Hot: 1:20 Cold 1:8 General cleaning Hot 1:50 Cold 1:30, wheel cleaning & polymer removal 1:5


    Code: EC407

    QFX-Clearview is a specifically developed modified Si02 glass cleaner to provide outstanding ease of use with clear smear free results.

    Using a spray and wipe technique you need very little effort, clearview easily removes road grime, sap and salts. Fast flash off formula will leave you with streak free, clearview glass.


    Safe for use on window tints

    Cuts through road grime

    Does not smear or streak

    Safe for all interior and exterior glass


    QFX-Clearview simply spray onto glass, spread evenly, then buff off with a glass cloth or microfiber for a perfect, streak free finish every time.

    HELP ZONE: Don't forget to wind the window down a little to ensure no areas of the glass are missed.

  4. QFX-NEMO Hydrophobic Window & Glass Cleaner

    Code: EC428

    QFX-NEMO Hydrophobic Window & Glass Cleaner with combined Nano Water Repellent dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility and is easy to use!

    The Glass Cleaner will give a streak free finish and a clear vision glass. Our QFX nano water beading technology will enhance your driving visibility and expel water at speeds over 30mph.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Creates a hydrophobic barrier 
    • Pleasant Fragrance
    • Easy to use
    • Streak Free


    Spray a light mist on to the glass and simply buff off with a microfiber cloth, repeat if necessary, this will also give prolonged durability.


    Don't forget to wind the window down 2 cm so you get that perferct all over application.

    Do not use in direct sun.


4 Item(s)

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