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Leather Care

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  1. QFX-Leather Cleaner Conditioner

    Code: EC432

    QFX Hide Conditioner is complex blend of a purified lanolin and wax enriched combination, and features two unique functions. QFX Hide Conditioner firstly cleanses the hide by safely lifting grime and dust and starts to soften the hide. Then a second coat will introduce essential oils to form protective barrier. This creates a breathable layer that keeps the leather from drying out and cracking.


    • Non greasy formula 
    • Suitable for all Leather surfaces 
    • Pleasant leather fragrance


    Apply a thin coat of restore with a damp microfibre cloth or applicator pad, begin to massage the product into the leather in small circular motion until fully absorbed. Repeat using a new dry microfibre cloth if required.

    Help Zone:

    Very dirty leather may require a separate cleaning process first.


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