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Window Care

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    Code: EC407

    QFX-Clearview is a specifically developed glass cleaner to provide outstanding ease of use with clear smear free results.

    Using a spray and wipe technique you need very little effort, clearview easily removes road grime, sap and salts. Fast flash off formula will leave you with streak free, clearview glass.


    Safe for use on window tints

    Cuts through road grime

    Does not smear or streak

    Safe for all interior and exterior glass


    QFX-Clearview simply spray onto glass, spread evenly, then buff off with a glass cloth or microfiber for a perfect, streak free finish every time.

    HELP ZONE: Don't forget to wind the window down a little to ensure no areas of the glass are missed.

  2. QFX - Hydrophobic Window & Glass Cleaner

    Code: EC428

    QFX-Hydrophobic Window & Glass Cleaner with combined Nano Water Repellent dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility and is easy to use!

    The Glass Cleaner will give a streak free finish and a clear vision glass. Our QFX nano water beading technology will enhance your driving visibility and expel water at speeds over 30mph.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Creates a hydrophobic barrier 
    • Pleasant Fragrance
    • Easy to use
    • Streak Free


    Spray a light mist on to the glass and simply buff off with a microfiber cloth, repeat if necessary, this will also give prolonged durability.


    Don't forget to wind the window down 2 cm so you get that perferct all over application.

    Do not use in direct sun.


2 Item(s)

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