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Car Shampoo and TFR

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    Code: EC416

    QFX- WASH n GLOSS is a highly concentrated quality shampoo blended for high standard vehicle washing. This product is used also as the preferred wash shampoo professionals worldwide. QFX- WASH n GLOSS Shampoo is a pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo that will gently wash your car without removing any sealant or wax protection that is already existing on your paintwork.

    QFX- WASH n GLOSS Shampoo contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added carnuaba waxes which will help to avoid and minimise any chance of spider webbing or marring during the wash process but is gentle enough for the most delicate of surfaces, including vehicles with vinyl wraps or carbon fibre. With a high 300:1 dilution this wash shampoo that will leave a high gloss, streak free finish to your cars paint.


    Add concentrate at desired dilution to a bucket of warm water. Use clean sponge to wash the vehicle the rinse with clean water. PRESSURE WASHER Set chemical dilution to 1% and use via machine on hot or cold Rinse with clean water


    Never wash in direct sunlight or allow to dry on vehicle and always the QFX- GRIT BUCKET SYSTEM

  2. Cherry Shampoo

    Code: EC413

    QFX Cherry Car Shampoo - Luxury cherry infused car shampoo that will create slick glossy finish, suitable for all paint types.

    QFX Cherry Car Shampoo perfect for regular washing and will not remove waxes or any auto paint protection system fitted on the vehicle.QFX Cherry Car Shampoo will provide advanced UV protection and give a slick feel.

    Features and Benefits:

    Cherry fragrance

    Slick feel

    Anti marring capabilities


    Firstly complete pre wash process and then simply dilute 1 part shampoo to 250 parts water into your wash bucket and agitate with pressure washer our garden hose to activate the Cherry Car Shampoo. Wash using a high grade wash mitt if possible, ensuring all surfaces are washed thoroughly. When complete using pressured water, simply rinse and dry.


  3. Grit Guard Buckets

    Code: EC417

    The QFX-Grit Guard 20lt dual bucket washing system is an effective cleaning system that includes two heavy duty 20lt Grit Guard Wash Buckets, grit guard Inserts that remove grit out of harms way to a safe zone. This convenient system is perfect for all wash application using sponge or mitt method.

    Designed to help prevent swirl marks and scratches while washing your vehicle. The QFX system is ideal for keeping your wash mitt clean and free of contaminants. Use the first bucket to rinse the mitt or brush before putting it in the clean, soapy water bucket.

  4. QFX-Citrus Pre Wash

    Code: EC411

    QFX-Citrus Wash is a highly concentrated pre wash.

    Designed specifically to lift dirt, road grime and salts that adhere to the vehicles paintwork. QFX-Citrus can be be used as a pre wash before snow foam or any wash shampoo.


    Concentrated Formula

    Multi use purpose

    Amazing cleaning power


    Dilute wash 10:1 for a moderately soiled car.

    Approx 4:1 for oil or grease

    Apply to all areas, leave to dwell and pressure rinse away. Do not allow to dry.

    QFX-Citrus pre wash can be applied via a pump sprayer, trigger bottle or snow foam lance.




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