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Snow foam

Snow foam car shampoo is a high foaming detergent to which we blend specialised cleaning additives which produces snowy foam that clings to your cars paint dissolving road traffic grime.

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  1. QFX- Artic Snow Foam

    Code: EC414

    QFX-Artic Snow foam has developed to offer a super rich and thick Ph neutral foam with super strength cleaning properties whilst ensuring the safety of your car all the way through the cleaning process Our Micro-tech formula has been developed over time and uses a mixture of high grade polymers and specially developed detergents that lifts the dirt, debris and traffic film from your cars bodywork using the super rich foam that clings to your car.

    Artic Snow foam also contains a polymeric wax content to add shine to your car as well as providing some protection from further dirt and stains. Also safe for use on your alloys, windows and mirrors to clean every inch of your car. Artic Snow foam is suitable for use with all lances.


    Extended Dwell Time

    Strong Cleaning Action

    Added Polymeric Waxes

    DIRECTIONS: Fill your 1lt lance reservoir with approx 850ml of water and top up with QFX- Artic Snow Foam. Apply to the vehicle making sure an even coverage is achieved. When complete, leave Artic Snow Foam to dwell and emulsify dirt and grime, lifting away road grime and then pressure wash the remaining foam away.

    HELP ZONE: Using a pre wash on extra dirty vehicles will help to clean the paint. DO NOT USE ON HOT CARS OR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT

    Available in bulk supply - Watermelon, Apple, Citrus, Blueberry, Bubblebum, Banana
  2. QFX-Citrus Pre Wash

    Code: EC411

    QFX-Citrus Wash is a highly concentrated pre wash.

    Designed specifically to lift dirt, road grime and salts that adhere to the vehicles paintwork. QFX-Citrus can be be used as a pre wash before snow foam or any wash shampoo.


    • Concentrated Formula
    • Multi use purpose
    • Amazing cleaning power


    Dilute wash 1;150 for a moderately soiled car 1:300 for light soiling.

    Approx 4:1 for oil or grease

    Apply to all areas, leave to dwell and pressure rinse away. Do not allow to dry.

    QFX-Citrus pre wash can be applied via a pump sprayer, trigger bottle or snow foam lance.


    TEST FOR SURFACE SENSITIVITY FIRST and NEVER ALLOW TO DRY, Do not use on aluminium, Zinc or other alkali-sensitive surfaces


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