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Alloy Sealants

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  1. CERAMIC FX - Alloy Armour

    Code: EC404

    CERAMIC FX - Alloy Armour

    CERAMIC FX - Alloy Armour uses our unique Therma-Tech resins and advanced polysiloxane in this formula. Easy to apply solution that coats and seals alloy wheels with a durable heat and grime repellent sealant to help stop brake dust and road salts build up. Wheels treated with Alloy Armour are much easier to clean and maintain.

    • Benefits and Special Features:
    • Simple to use formulation
    • Easy-on formula

    Alloy Armour helps protect from brake dust fallout

    Helps cleaning wheels much easier


    Clean wheels thoroughly before application


    Do not apply to hot wheels


    Code: EC420

    QFX-TYRE GLOSS enhances and adds gloss to the appearance of rubber, vinyl and plastic trim on vehicles.

    Contains highly sophisticated graded silicone oils to produce a clean, long lasting sheen.

    Can be used on:

    Tyre walls




    Leaves a new look finish on tyre walls delicately perfumed.


    Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying. Apply a thin film evenly over the whole surface using a brush, cloth or spray. Leave to dry. If desired, re-apply on areas of higher absorbency. N.B. Do not use on foot controls or steering wheel. Wipe off any excess off tyre treads.


    Do not use outside in windy conditions


2 Item(s)

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