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  1. Ceramic FX Glass

    Code: EC429

    CERAMIC FX GLASS Rain Repellent is a protective Si02 polysiloxane coating for glass surfaces.

    CERAMIC FX GLASS bonds to glass to leave a non-stick hydrophobic polysiloxane causing rain to sheet off, which aero dynamically run off from the windscreen reducing wear and tear on wiper blades. Lasts up to 6 months Can be applied to windshields, glass windows, headlights and external rear view mirrors.

    Depending of usage of wiper blades on the windshield you should expect in the region of 6 - 12 months durability depending on road conditions

    General coverage approx 90 m2


    • Fantastic Water Sheeting
    • Keeps Glass Cleaner 
    • Aids Anti Icing


    Clean glass first then apply a small amount to an application pad and buff on to the glass, buff off with a clean dry micro-fibre cloth. Repeat for added durability.


    Roll window down a few cm's to ensure full coverage.

  2. Cherry Wash and Gloss

    Code: EC106

    Highly concentrated quality shampoo blended for high standard vehicle washing. This product is used also as the preferred wash shampoo for our Toughseal paint protection. Wash n Gloss Car Wash Shampoo is a pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo that will gently wash your car without removing any sealant or wax protection that is already existing on your paintwork.

    Wash n Gloss Shampoo contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added T1 carnuaba waxes which will help to avoid and minimise any chance of spider webbing or marring during the wash process but is gentle enough for the most delicate of surfaces, including vehicles with vinyl wraps or carbon fibre.

    With a high 600:1 dilution this wash shampoo that will leave a high gloss, streak free finish to your cars paint.


    Add concentrate at desired dilution to a bucket of warm water. Use clean sponge to wash the vehicle the rinse with clean water.


    Set chemical dilution to 1% and use via machine on hot or cold Rinse with clean water

    WARNING Never wash in direct sunlight or allow to dry on vehicle

  3. Caravan Show Wax

    Code: EC400

    Caravan Show Wax is an ultimate high gloss polish that is easily applied and does not leave any white marks. It can be used all round the caravan/motorhome including glass, wheels and paintwork.

    It contains a special thermo blended combination of Carnauba Waxes.

    Simply apply to a clean surface with an applicator pad and buff off using a deep pile microfibre cloth to leave a high gloss shine. Apply in small sections and remove within 5 minutes of application.

    Instructions for use: Apply the polish with an applicator pad and buff to shine with a deep pile microfibre cloth, in small sections.

    Remove within 5 minutes of application. It can be used as a finishing glaze using a polishing machine.


    Code: EC418

    QFX- Hydrophobic Spray Sealant is a Si02 Quick Detailer that protects your vehicle's paintwork for up to 3-4 months from atmospheric fallout, road grime and general contamination by creating an invisible, hydrophobic layer with quick bonding silicones.

    QFX- Hydrophobic Sealant provides a barrier from road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, etc. This easy to use surface sealant gives an enhanced lustre when used in the a full detailing schedule.


    Fast Application


    UV blockers

    DIRECTIONS: Ready to use spray, simply wash and dry your car, paint correction if required. Spray on to micro fiber cloth and buff into car paintwork, remove and buff straight away with clean dry microfibre cloth.


    Before use, ensure that the surface is in top condition. Treat a small section and immediately buff down with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. Buff to a high gloss finish. Use QFX- WASH n GLOSS (prize code 86534) for extended protection.


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