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  1. Carpet & Upholstery cleaner

    Code: EC2

    Carpet & Upholstery cleaner Click for larger image

    Spray extraction or by hand use

    Low foaming  carpet and upholstery cleaner.

    Rapid action that removes grease, oil and nicotine

    Fabric brighteners restores colour.

    Pleasant fragrance, freshens vehicle interiors

    Machine or hand use.

    A heavy duty, bio-enzymatic foam cleaner for cleaning revitalising vehicle interiors. Can be used on all fabric, upholstery and synthetic automotive surfaces. Bio-enzymatic cleaners contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with enzymes and microbial nutrients that essentially digest chemical and organic waste (soils).

    • Rapidly removes grease, oil and nicotine
    • Fabric brighteners restore colour
    • Pleasant fragrance freshens vehicle interiors


    Thoroughly vacuum the fabric before application. Dilute with warm or cold water according to the area to be cleaned. Apply using a cloth, trigger spray or spray extraction machine. Extract as much liquid as possible and rinse if required. Immediately rinse away any over spray with clean water.

    N.B. Do not use an alkali sensitive surfaces. Test fabric compatibility prior to use.

  2. Multi Surface Cleaner

    Code: EC12

    Multi Surface Cleaner Click for larger image

    M.S.C is a fast acting formula that will remove dirt, grime,fuel oils, food oils, fats, grease, rubber marks, tobacco film and lots more soling.

    Great all round performance for the cleaning of machinery, parts tanks, vehicle valeting and lots more. DIRECTIONS Apply using a cloth, trigger spray or spray extraction machine. Immediately rinse away any over spray with clean water. N.B. Do not use an alkali sensitive surfaces. Test fabric compatibility prior to use.



  3. Leather Conditioner Cream

    Code: EC21

    NEW FORMULA 2023

    Leather Conditioner cleans, nourishes, conditions, restores, polishes and helps waterproof leather, restoring original softness and extending the leather's life.

    This leather conditioning creame is a unique formula. It is made from a combination of natural waxes and oils including Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Jojoba oil and Avocado oil as well as other key (but secret) natural ingredients. The result is a formula which has really stood the test of time and which since 1988 has been relied upon by millions of people around the world to look after their leather.


    1 Clean hide with Eurochem EC10

    2 Apply Cream to a damp application sponge and gentle rub into hide

  4. Fabric Protector

    Code: EC440

    Fabric Protector Click for larger image

    Fabric Protector is a highly  advanced Flurocarbon stain release agent fabric protector treats synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, acrylic and their blends with natural fibres.

    Fabric Protector formula adheres to every fibre of the materials used for upholstery and carpets, protecting against oil & water-based spills. Liquid's will simply find it very hard to penetrate the protection system on the surface of your upholstery making it simple to wipe away without leaving stains or dulling fabrics *some liquids may stain if solvent based. Toughseal also helps reduce wear on fabrics and carpets by eliminating friction from trapped dirt particles between fibres.

    Fabric Protector uses SiO2 materials to create a stain repelling hydrophobic barrier that protects against drink spillages such like coffee, tea and soft drinks. Suitable for many surfaces including convertible tops, interior textiles, carpets, and fabric car seats, the product forms a SiO2 barrier, allowing water and liquids to bead up and glide off the surface.

    Clean Fabric First Ready to use spray, simply spray on to the vehicle fabric and allow to dry, repeat if necessary. Remove excess over spray from plastics straight away HELP ZONE: Before use, ensure that the surface is in top condition. Treat a small section to test compatibility first


    Code: EC489

    LEATHER CLEANER Click for larger image

    Leather Cleaner is a lovely, pH neutral leather cleaner that revitalises leather seats and trim.
    All leather seats and trim require top quality tested cleaners to help maintain a level of protection from day to day wear and tear and can soon appear tired and worn if it isn’t cleaned on a regular basis as marks and stains can soon detract from its appearance.
    Leather fragrance for added aroma formulation has been developed to be tough on grime and leaves the leather clean.


    Code: EC490

    Pink Sheen is a great smelling Tutti-Frutti interior cleaner and satin finish dressing. Best applied using a hand spray and a clean microfiber cloth on interior surfaces. Pink Sheen has a gentle detergent based cleaning action that leaves the surface clean and smelling great. Leave for a moment before you buff off to achieve a perfect satin finish. Apply evenly and sparingly. Always read full label before use.


    Spray directly onto a cloth and rub on to the surface that require a little love.



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