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  1. V-Clean 213 Washing Up liquid

    Code: EC213

    This odourless detergent concentrate that cuts through grease and grime to leave a sparkling finish has been developed for the food industry. Perfect for cleaning plates, crockery, utensils, glassware, glasses, tumblers and pint glasses.Bactericidal - helps prevent bactericidal contamination

    Odourless for use in food areas

    Cuts through grease and grime fast


    Dilute 1 part V-Clean 213 with 80 parts warm water in a washing-up bowl. Add items to be washed and allow a few minutes to soak. Clean items using a sponge, brush or pad. Rinse with potable water and allow to air dry.

  2. Trados Sanitiser Cleaner

    Code: EC221

    Area of Use - Food Industry

    This concentrated sanitiser cleaner has been engineered to remove food deposits and stains from bleach resistant surfaces.

    Trados use a highly advanced hypochlorite sanitiser base, effective bactericidal cleaner and incorporates a hard water formulation to protect surfaces from scale.

    Trados cleans and de-stains surfaces, crockery, cutlery and utensils and is suitable for machine or hand use.

    N.B. Items made from glass or aluminium should only be cleaned with TRADOS through a dish washing machine.

    Removes food stains

    Non-foaming - ideal for hand or machine use

    Mild, surfactant-free cleaner


    N.B. Trados limits any damage done to aluminium during a heavy duty deep cleaning application. Always rinse Trados away immediately. Do not allow aluminium or glass to soak in Trados or in a solution of Trados.

    Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


    Machine use:

    Light soiling - 1% - 2%

    Machine use:

    Heavy soiling 2% - 5%

    Machine use:

    Tray washing - 0.5% - 1%

    Non machine use - 1% - 2%

  3. Crystal Lemon Washing up Liquid

    Code: EC211

    Crystal detergent concentrate with extra cleaning power that produces long-lasting foam to combat greasy dishwashing problems.

    Highly advanced blend of cleaning agents and gentle lemon oils ensures gentle on hands yet mildness and freshness in use, leaving glassware and crockery sparkling and grease free.

    Designed for cleaning glassware, cutlery, crockery, utensils and worktops, Crystal is ideal for use on aluminium, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic, ceramic, wood and enamel.


    DISHWASHING Dilute 1 part CRYSTAL with between 750 to 1000 parts warm water in a washing-up bowl. Add items to be washed and allow a few minutes to soak. Clean items using a sponge, brush or pad.

    GENERAL CLEANING - Dilute 1 part CRYSTAL with 300 parts cold or warm water.


    CRYSTAL : WATER General Cleaning 1:300

  4. M.D.W Machine Dish Wash

    Code: EC238

    This powerful machine dishwashing detergent is designed to remove stubborn soiling with ease.

    MDW is a graded liquid with a high sequestrant content, which allows it to be used effectively in both soft and hard water areas. Formulated with anti-corrosive agents which have been added added to the formula to protect the dishwashing machine parts.

    Ideal for washing cutlery, crockery, stainless steel and utensils.Suitable for automatic dish washing machines in all food and catering establishments, cafes, restaurants, hotel kitchens, canteens, etc.

    - Removes stubborn soilage and tannin stains

    - Economical in use

    - Anti-corrosive - helps protect your machine


    Put dosing tube into the container of MDW, so that it reaches the bottom. The dosing unit, which can be pre-set to a specific concentration, will automatically dispense MDW into the machine. To remove stubborn tannin, tea or coffee stains, soak crockery in a solution of 1 part MDW to 100 parts water for 2-5 minutes, depending upon the amount of scale build-up. N.B. DO NOT use on aluminium, zinc, magnesium and their alloys.



    Machine washing 2-8ml per ltr

    Tannin stain removal 1:100

  5. Rinse Aid Additive (R.A.A)

    Code: EC240

    R.A.A is a high performing rinse aid additive to help prevent spots and hazing for a sparkling finish. Designed to a clear blue liquid, RAA is a blend of specialist surfactants and mild acids in a taint free food safe aqueous base.

    Perfect to ensure a perfect finish on plates, crockery, cutlery, utensils, glassware, glasses and tumblers. Suitable for automatic dish washing machines in all food and catering establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, hotel kitchens, canteens, etc.

    - Suitable for all dish-washing machines

    - Leaves a clean sparkling finish

    - Helps prevents spots and hazing


    Use through the automatic dosing system if one is fitted. Otherwise, add to the rinse cycle at a dilution rate of 1 part RAA to 900 parts rinse water.

    RAA : WATER 1:900


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