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  1. K7000 Universal Cleaner

    Code: EC204

    K7000 is truly a unique universal cleaner and de-greaser concentrate, designed to dissolve and float away the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish.

    Designed as a alkaline cleaner and degreaser, designed to perform quickly to maintain hygiene in food environments.

    Perfect for cleaning food oils, fats, blood, dirt, industrial oils and grease from a multitude of surfaces, including; concrete, industrial paintwork, plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.

    K7000 has been developed as a universal cleaner for the food industry, including bakeries, confectioners, breweries, meat processing, abattoirs, etc. Also for the efficient removal of grease and dirt in kitchens and the general cleaning of floors, walls, exterior walls, paths, etc.

    Versatile - removes oil, fats, grease, blood, starch, etc

    Easily removes stubborn grease and grime fast - saves time and money

    Biodegradable and phosphate free


    Dilute K7000 according to the level of soilage with hot or cold water. Apply using spray, mop, brush, cloth or machine. Then hose off or wipe off with a damp cloth.

    N.B. Always test a small, inconspicuous area before carrying out the cleaning operation to ensure no damage can be caused. Dilutions:

    K7000 : Water

    Light cleaning 1:200

    Medium dirt 1:100

    Heavy dirt 1:50

    Hardened grime Undiluted

  2. AA101 Detergent De-Greaser

    Code: EC202

    AA101 is a super performance detergent degreaser, AA101 contains a blend of high tech emulsifiers to break down and remove food oils and fats.

    AA101 is a pH-neutral and is odourless for use in the food industry.

    Ideal for the removal of vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oils and grease from all impermeable surfaces, AA101 is suitable to clean solvent and alkaline sensitive surfaces with ease.

    AA101 is perfect when used on a daily basis for the removal of vegetable oils and animal fats in kitchens, bakeries, food factories, meat processing plants etc.

    Odourless - safe for use in the food industry

    Phosphate-free formula

    pH neutral - safe on all water washable surfaces


    General cleaning - dilute 1 part AA101 with 100 parts of hot or warm water.

    Grease and fat removal - dilute 1 part of AA101 with 20 parts of hot water.

    Oil or diesel removal - use undiluted.

    Apply to the surface using a mop, brush or machine. Agitate and either rinse away.

    AA101 : WATER

    General cleaning 1:100

    Grease removal 1:20

    Oil removal Undiluted

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  3. R63 XL High Foam Cleaner

    Code: EC205

    R63 XL is designed to clean and sanitise in one operation and is specifically designed for use through a pressure washer or lance with a foam generator or low pressure foam action.

    A hypochlorite based, highly alkaline food plant cleaner that produces a dense clinging white foam in application. Ideal to remove carbonised deposits, dried grease and oil, blood, protein, and starch from plastic walls and ceilings, ceramic tiles, vinyl and plastic coatings, and stainless steel machinery and equipment.

    Ideal for use in food preparation, food handling and food storage areas.

    Economical - concentrated

    Powerful - kills bacteria from surfaces

    High foaming - clings to surfaces for effective cleaning time


    For beast results, dilute 1 part R63 with 50 parts hot or cold water. Apply through a pressure washer or lance with foaming attachment. Allow approximately 10 minutes contact time. Rinse away thoroughly with hot or cold water through a pressure washer.

    Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

    D327 : WATER 1:50

  4. Combi Oven Cleaner

    Code: EC206

    This specialist concentrated degreaser for use through the integral cleaning system on combination ovens. Dosed automatically during the oven?s cleaning programme, Combi Oven Detergent has controlled foam levels and is effective for the removal of food deposits, grease, oils and carbonised materials. Suitable for use in both atmospheric and non-atmospheric (pressurised) ovens. WRC category: 3 (atmospheric ovens) 4 (non-atmospheric ovens)


    COMBI OVEN CLEANER must only be used via the integral dosage system on combination ovens. Concentration can be adjusted via the oven control panel according to the level of soilage. Typical dilution rate is between 0.5% - 2%.

    Care should always be taken when changing containers. Always ensure that chemical containers are located in a safe position.

    NB. Only use in combination ovens with an approved WRC backflow preventer. DO NOT USE ON ALUMINIUM OR ALKALI-SENSITIVE SURFACES.

  5. V-Clean 213 Washing Up liquid

    Code: EC213

    This odourless detergent concentrate that cuts through grease and grime to leave a sparkling finish has been developed for the food industry. Perfect for cleaning plates, crockery, utensils, glassware, glasses, tumblers and pint glasses.Bactericidal - helps prevent bactericidal contamination

    Odourless for use in food areas

    Cuts through grease and grime fast


    Dilute 1 part V-Clean 213 with 80 parts warm water in a washing-up bowl. Add items to be washed and allow a few minutes to soak. Clean items using a sponge, brush or pad. Rinse with potable water and allow to air dry.

  6. Rapid Gel

    Code: EC203

    Rapid Gel is a heavy duty, clear liquid gel designed for the rapid removal of grease and charred food debris from kitchen areas.

    A powerful professional liquid gel, which will penetrate, emulsify and dissolve severe soiling from equipment.

    Rapid Gel is based on 20% Sodium Hydroxide to ensure rapid action. Ideal to rapidly remove charred food debris, dried bloods, fats and grease from a vast range of surfaces, including; ovens, deep fat fryers, extraction hoods and filters, grills, skillets, waffle bakers and equipment.

    Powerful - removes severe grease, grime and carbonSolvent free


    OVEN/EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Always wear rubber gloves and safety glasses during use. The oven or equipment should be turned off, and be no hotter than 40?c.

    Use Rapid Gel undiluted. Apply a thick, even layer to the surface using a brush, sponge or cloth. Depending on the level of soil, allow between 5-30 minutes contact time. Agitate using an abrasive cloth and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

    N.B. Do not use on aluminium, Zinc or other alkali-sensitive surfaces.

    DRAINS: Pour 50ml-100ml Rapid Gel down kitchen drains on a daily basis to keep them sweet smelling and prevent build-up of fat and grease.

  7. 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (COVID 19))

    Code: EC150

    70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (COVID 19)) Click for larger image

    Industrial 70% Strength alcohol based, bactericidal gel designed for use in hospitals, doctors surgery, food handling applications and can be used where a supply of water isn't present. Simply apply to hands and rub together until dispersed. Help beat Covid19, swine flu and MRSA by using this product when entering any sterile environment. Product can be made to customer specification.

    This product can be own branded in 500ml pump action bottles or 100ml pocket sized bottles.

    * Best selling, gel based hand disinfectants provide a fast, effective way to sanitise physically clean hands

    * Alcohol based formula kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds

    * Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue

    * Developed for frequent use moisturising ingredients help keep skin supple

  8. CF100 Degreaser Concentrate

    Code: EC278

    CF100 is a very powerful concentrated degreaser, designed for use within the food industry.

    Water soluble liquid, combining alkalis, high tech detergents and effective water soluble solvents.

    Ideal to rapidly remove grease, oils and fats from safety flooring, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, plastic and laminated flooring.

    - Food safe

    - Removes grease, oil and hardened grime

    - Economical in use


    For general use dilute 25ml of CF100 into a 750ml sprayer.

    Please note that 5lts will make 150lts of ready to use product.


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