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  1. Windscreen Glass Rain Repellent

    Code: EC63

    WindShield Rain Repel bonds to glass to leave a non-stick hydrophobic coating causing rain to form into droplets, which aerodynamically run off from the windscreen reducing wear and tear on wiper blades. Lasts up to 6 months

    Water based for safe shipping

    Can be applied to windshields, glass windows, headlights and external rear view mirrors.

    Depending of usage of wiper blades on the windshield you should expect in the region of 6 months durability.

    General coverage approx 60 m2
  2. 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (COVID 19))

    Code: EC150

    70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (COVID 19)) Click for larger image

    Industrial 70% Strength alcohol based, bactericidal gel designed for use in hospitals, doctors surgery, food handling applications and can be used where a supply of water isn't present. Simply apply to hands and rub together until dispersed. Help beat Covid19, swine flu and MRSA by using this product when entering any sterile environment. Product can be made to customer specification.

    This product can be own branded in 500ml pump action bottles or 100ml pocket sized bottles.

    * Best selling, gel based hand disinfectants provide a fast, effective way to sanitise physically clean hands

    * Alcohol based formula kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds

    * Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue

    * Developed for frequent use moisturising ingredients help keep skin supple

  3. Freshen Up

    Code: EC156

    Freshen Up is a long lasting carnation essence fragrance that helps to eliminate stale odours
    Dilute with water in a trigger spray to produce a fresh fragrance. Perfect for cars, trucks or add a little to a cleaning bucket or scrubber drier tank to freshen the cleaned area. Apply a little to water proof bins or inside plastic bin liners to leave a fresh scent in washrooms and public areas. Freshen Up incorporates select fragrance oils with special solubilising agents to produce water soluble air fresheners for all uses.


    You can choose your own dilution ratio to create the strength of fragrance you required. We recommend to use a 4cc and dispense the desired number of shots into a 750ml trigger bottle, and top up with water.

  4. V-Clean V160 Lemon Washing Up liquid

    Code: EC160

    A detergent concentrate with extra cleaning power that produces a long-lasting foam to combat greasy dishwashing problems.

    The advanced blend of cleaning agents and lemon oils ensures mildness and freshness in use, leaving glassware and crockery sparkling and grease free.

    Designed for cleaning glassware, cutlery, crockery, utensils and worktops, V160 is ideal for use on aluminium, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic, ceramic, wood and enamel.


    Dishwashing 1:750 1:1000 General cleaning 1:300

  5. Drain flush plus (Trade Product)

    Code: EC170

    This advanced micro emulsifier multi surface drain cleaner has been designed to stop the problem of unpleasant odours from waste pipes and sink plug holes etc. Waste systems in caravans are usually made from flexible or plastic pipes that can trap dirt and allow germs to multiply. Drain Flush Plus cleans and disinfects your all piping within your caravan, leaving a clean piping system. Drain Flush is 100% Biodegradable and can be safely disposed of.

    Product made to order, please contact us for pricing. Minimum orders apply. DIRECTIONS Use undiluted for heavy soil. Light to medium 1:50 Can be flushed direct down drains or via mop and bucket method

  6. QFX-101 All Purpose Cleaner

    Code: EC406

    All purpose cleaner is an effective cleaner for hard surfaces, painted surfaces, wheels and plant and manufacturing equipment.

    Use to deep clean areas such as head linings, plastics, door panels and fabrics.

    Pleasant fragrance and combined odour control additives help to remove bad odours.


    • Solvent-free formulation
    • cleans quickly & safely
    • Highly effective on grease, oil, soot, brake dust
    • Safe on paintwork
    • Perfect for rubber, glass, fabric, plastic & vinyl surfaces.


    Apply by spray, mop, sponge or brush. Allow to dwell. Agitate if necessary and rinse with water.


    Degreasing Hot: 1:20 Cold 1:8 General cleaning Hot 1:50 Cold 1:30, wheel cleaning & polymer removal 1:5



  7. Wheelie Bin Cleaner

    Code: EC408

    Wheelie Bin Cleaner is a fast acting low foaming neutral cleaner and disinfectant with a pleasant violet fragrance.

    WBC is low foaming to enable rinsing easily from surfaces.

    Suitable for use by hand or in a scrubber drier low pressure systems.

    WBC cleans and disinfects all hard surfaces safely.

    Fast acting on tackling bad odour and infection.


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