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Air Freshners

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  1. DD3 Deodouriser Disinfectant

    Code: EC250

    DD3 unique biocidal candy disinfectant and de-odoriser concentrate.

    Liquid concentrate that incorporates specially selected Canadian candy fragrances.

    Developed to deodoriser and kill odour producing bacteria and fungi, neutralising unpleasant odours at source.

    Generally used in washroom areas: floors, toilets, urinals, drains and cisterns. DD3 is highly effective on waste and wheelie bins.

    - Leaves a long-lasting, fresh fragrance

    - Attacks unwanted odours

    - Kill germs and bacteria


    Dilute DD3 in a trigger spray according to the application required.

    For air conditioning, DD3 can also be used undiluted for ease of use.


    DD3 : WATER

    Deodorising 1 : 50

    Air conditioning 1 : 50

    Disinfecting 1 : 50

  2. V-Clean R.T.U Air freshner

    Code: EC249

    V-Clean ready to use air freshener has been developed by using quality sophisticated floral fragrance direct from Canada. This lasting liquid air freshener containing fragrance hints of amber and musk, peach, ylang, jasmin, ylang. Neutralise unwanted odours, such as stale tobacco and body odours. Used throughout the following industries hotels, night clubs, department stores, theatres, cinemas, public buildings, nursing homes, cruise liners, ferries. Designer fragrance Attacks bad odours Longer lasting less frequent use DIRECTIONS R.T.U Air freshener is supplied in a ready-to-use formulation, so no dilution is required. Spray into the corners of the room to freshen and condition the atmosphere Also spray directly onto entrance matting to create a clean impression when entering the building.
  3. CF700 Air Freshner (Concentrated Formula)

    Code: EC247

    CF700 is a highly concentrated air freshner conditioner.

    A powerful acceptable fragrance that can be used in many areas. Designed using unique oriental spice perfume in a slow measure release water soluble carrier for long lasting results.

    Used diluted through trigger sprays, CF700 enhances the environment in any establishment when sprayed onto entrance matting or into the corners of rooms or on radiator covers etc.

    Ideal for regular use in hotels, conference centres, schools and public buildings.

    - Freshens and conditions the atmosphere

    - Long lasting pleasant fragrance

    - Cost pennies per trigger


    CF700: WATER 15ml per 600ml trigger bottle

  4. Freshen Up

    Code: EC156

    Freshen Up is a long lasting carnation essence fragrance that helps to eliminate stale odours
    Dilute with water in a trigger spray to produce a fresh fragrance. Perfect for cars, trucks or add a little to a cleaning bucket or scrubber drier tank to freshen the cleaned area. Apply a little to water proof bins or inside plastic bin liners to leave a fresh scent in washrooms and public areas. Freshen Up incorporates select fragrance oils with special solubilising agents to produce water soluble air fresheners for all uses.


    You can choose your own dilution ratio to create the strength of fragrance you required. We recommend to use a 4cc and dispense the desired number of shots into a 750ml trigger bottle, and top up with water.


4 Item(s)

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