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Truckers Choice has been developed solely with the truck drivers. Interior clean, exterior clean and more.

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    Code: EC478

    TC ARTIC SNOWFOAM Click for larger image

    Concentrated Professional High Foam. A specially formulated vehicle wash, which cleans without damaging vehicles. A super high foam cleaner containing only natural, eco friendly detergents, for the removal of road film, grease, insects and dirt from cars, vans, buses and all commercial vehicles. Produces a blanket of thick white clinging foam on the vehicle. Totally safe to use on all water washable surfaces - paintwork, glass, alloys, metal, rubber and plastic. Snow Foam will not harm or strip premium waxes, polishes or sealants. 

    Specially formulated to give maximum cleaning without damaging vehicles – Totally neutral, no Acids, alkali or solvents. Super concentrated – . Biodegradable - Excellent foaming Quick foam-break ensures easy rinsing Leaves vehicles gleaming.


    Can be diluted up to 50:50 then to 2% at foam generator. For best results pre–wet vehicle surface and apply through a foaming lance. Apply a solution adjusting the flow to give desired foaming and cleaning. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a sponge or brush and rinse off under high pressure.After cleaning with Snow Foam, to get the best finish, dry and buff car with a clean cloth. Always check compatibility with vehicle paint and components first. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY ON SURFACE


    Code: EC486

    TC TYRE SHINE GEL Click for larger image

    Truck Tyre Shine Gel enhances and adds gloss to the appearance of rubber, vinyl and plastic trim on vehicles. Developed for high endurance to deal with the winter months.Contains highly sophisticated nano silicone oils to produce a clean, long lasting sheen.
    Can be used on: Exteriors - Tyre walls, plastic bumpers.Restores sheen to trim Leaves a new look finish on tyre walls DIRECTIONS:
    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE For best results use Truckers Choice Tyre and Rubber clean prior to washing the vehicle. Clean and dry before applying. Apply a thin coating evenly with an applicator sponge over the whole surface area. Leave to dry. If desired, reapply.
    N.B. Do not use on foot controls or steering wheel. Wipe off any excess off tyre treads.

    To avoid sling off do not over apply, simply buff until dispersed evenly,

  3. Trio Offer

    Code: EC485

    Trio Offer Click for larger image

    A selection of Truckers Choice





    Code: EC484

    TC SUPER SHEET NANO SHAMPOO Click for larger image

    SUPER SHEET is an amazing HIGHLY CONCENTRATED cost effective Nano hydrophobic Ceramic Wash system that's highly concentrated. Developed as a ceramic wash and protection system adding a layer of ceramic particles to the paintwork producing a long-lasting protection, allowing water to simply run off in a hydrophobic fashion.

    SUPER SHEET is a quality pH neutral wash system. It has an extremely effective cleaning abilities to dissolve dirt easily but it's still gentle enough not to affect coatings or sealants. And because it is pH neutral it also ensures that delicate finishes such as nickel/chrome plated or highly polished elements remain in tip top condition.

    DIRECTIONS: There are several ways of using SUPER SHEET. 1. FOAM CANNON 50 - 100 ml to dosing bottle and water 2. DIRECT FEED VIA PRESSURE WASHER 1% - 2% feed dilution 3. BUCKET & SPONGE 50-100ml into a bucket of warm water Spray on the car with a foam cannon or simply hand spray it on the wet, clean paintwork with a microfiber wash mitt and rinse with hose or pressure washer.


    Dilute in warm water for max results NEVER WASH IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT Work in sections and never let the product dry.

  5. TC Truck Wax Pro

    Code: EC479

    TC Truck Wax Pro Click for larger image

    High quality graded multi layered Polysiloxane wax polish formulation, designed for a long lasting durable second skin shine on your truck. Contains a selection of the finest waxes and Polysiloxanes on the market today. Fast and efficient easy on easy off. No Dust Formula.

    Car Wax Pro will stand up against any of our competitors products GUARANTEED.


    Thoroughly wash the vehicle prior to application, it is not necessary to completely dry the vehicle prior to polish application but this may affect the drying time of the polish. It is also recommended to perform the polishing out of direct sunlight and to ensure the surface is cool.

    Shake the bottle well before use.

    Apply to an area roughly 60 x 60cm (2 x 2 feet) using a clean, soft cloth or polish applicator sponge in small circular motions and allow to dry to a haze. Buff off with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for best results


    Code: EC475

    TC BANANA WASN n WAX Click for larger image

    Truckers Choice Banana Wax Shampoo is a luxurious foaming action shampoo which actively helps to maintain protective wax layers on your trucks paintwork.

    A luxurious foaming shampoo increases the lubricity of the wash solution which helps reduce the risk of inflicting fine scratches in your paintwork during the washing process.

    This gentle shampoo will not strip existing wax layers off your paintwork.

    DILUTION 400-1 Concentration dilution. Can be used by hand sponge method or applied with pressure washer and foam gun.

  7. Leather Clean and Conditioner kit

    Code: EC474

    Leather Clean and Conditioner kit Click for larger image

    TC Leather Cleaner Professional has a neutral pH formulation and will not remove the essential oils which keep leather supple and prevent surface cracking. TC Leather Cleaner Professional contains specialised cleaning and deodorising agents to safely clean and freshen automotive leather upholstery. Unlike harsher detergents TC Leather Cleaner has a neutral pH formulation and will not remove the essential oils which keeps the natural leather supple and prevent surface cracking due to UV damage. TCLeather Cleaner Professional is ideal to clean car seats, leather sofa's, leather jackets, etc and leaves a natural finish to leather, and not shiny or slippery like some products on the market, it will also help restore the leather fragrance. For best results we recomend using with TC Leather Conditioner Professional.

    EC21 NEW FORMULA 2023
    Leather Conditioner cleans, nourishes, conditions, restores, polishes and helps waterproof leather, restoring original softness and extending the leather's life. This leather conditioning creame is a unique formula. It is made from a combination of natural waxes and oils including Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Jojoba oil and Avocado oil as well as other key (but secret) natural ingredients. The result is a formula which has really stood the test of time and which since 1988 has been relied upon by millions of people around the world to look after their leather.
    1 Clean hide with Eurochem EC10
    2 Apply Cream to a damp application sponge and gentle rub into hide


    Code: EC472

    TC ODOUR KILL Click for larger image

    ODOUR KILL has a fresh fragrance and works by actually neutralising the odour molecule. An odour neutraliser, designed to combat unwanted odours and bad smells, especially stale odours, animal odours and nicotine.
    Suitable for deodorising any surface that is water tolerant, including carpets and fabrics. Can be used in any fogging machine Ideal for use in truck valeting, bus companies and general office environments.

    Remove any contamination prior to treatment. ODOUR KILL is ready to use. There is no need to mix with water. Thoroughly wet the area with ODOUR KILL, either extract with a wet vacuum cleaner or absorb excess liquid on clean paper wipes/cloth or remove using a clean mop. N.B. Always test on a small unobtrusive area before use. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces.


    Code: EC469

    TC PINK SHEEN Click for larger image

    Pnk Sheen is a great smelling Tutti-Frutti interior cleaner and satin finish dressing. Best applied using a hand spray and a clean microfiber cloth on interior surfaces.


    Spray directly onto a cloth and rub on to the surface that require a little love.

    Pink Sheen has a gentle detergent based cleaning action that leaves the surface clean and smelling great.
    Leave for a moment before you buff off to achieve a perfect satin finish.
    Apply evenly and sparingly.
    Always read full label before use.



    Code: EC458

    TC MULTI-CLEAN Click for larger image

    Multi Clean is a fast acting formula that will remove dirt, grime,fuel oils, food oils, fats, grease, rubber marks, tobacco film and lots more soling. Amazing lemon zest fragrance. Great all round performance for the cleaning of machinery, parts tanks, vehicle valeting and lots more.



    Apply using a cloth, trigger spray method spray onto surface and wipe clean. Immediately rinse away any over spray with clean water.

    N.B. Do not use an alkali sensitive surfaces. Test fabric compatibility prior to use. Do not apply to hot surfaces


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